A new beginning

Here it is, a new beginning for my blog. It is finally time to get back in track and continue the adventure. The past weeks I have been planning and creating new layout for the blog and finally it is starting to be ready for new stories, so here we go!cropped-untitled-111.gif

As you can see, a lot has changed and I could not be more exited about everything. First of all you can now find the blog from this new address, asmalladventure.eu, as I felt that lily.fi was not anymore answering to my needs. I also decided to change the language to English, so the blog could be serving wider range of readers. And after that decision the name changed a little also, i hope you like it. 

You can find always the latest post in the home page, but I have created four categories so you can easily find the topics you are interested in. There are three main pages; traveling, cooking and DIY, as these are the themes I will be writing most about. But as you know, there is more in life, and for those stories there is the life -page.

I hope you enjoy the new adventure with me, welcome!




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