First step toward holiday season

For me Christmas is so much more than just few days in the end of December, it is a season full of wonderful moments. I love to plan and do different kind of projects, so for sure this is my favorite season. There is the Christmas parties, seasonal food, cards, calendars, candles, decorations, gifts and and it is time to start planning this years holiday season so I can enjoy it as much as possible.


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For me the first step is to get inspiration and have some kind of idea about everything I want to have the coming season. This evening I will play Christmas music the first time this year, and go deep in the magical world of Pinterest. I go through first my Natale -file, and then start to look for more inspiration around Pinterest. This part is so much fun, and I can spend a whole evening looking for nice ideas and getting exited about the coming season. Is there anyone else who is doing this before holidays? joulukollaasi3

image 1,2,3

In the photos I collected from Pinterest for this post there is this light and soft atmosphere, which I want for our Christmas this year also. Something natural, something easy and little pit vintage. After this evenings inspiration and planning session I will be posting later here more detailed ideas about some of the holiday season projects I will do. I hope to give you all a little inspiration, and that you can start to enjoy the season already with me!

joulukollaasi1images 1,2,3



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