Free inspiration

We are almost in December and the weather could not be more gray, dark, wet and depressing. To fight against this bad weather and how it is affecting the mood, I have been bringing colors and vitamins more than ever to the kitchen. I truly believe that the food we eat can affect positively on everything we do.

freeinspiration (2 of 2).jpg

I know I have a good imagination in the kitchen so it is natural for me to test new ideas and add ingredients to old favorite recipes. But sometimes the head feels empty and new healthy ideas are more than welcome. For sure the internet is fast and easy way to get this inspiration, but you know what, sometimes I prefer the old fashion way; coking books!

freeinspiration (1 of 2)

I made a trip to the local library and found so many inspirational cooking books that i don`t even know where to start. I was positive surprised how huge selection they have here and it was hard not to borrow all the nice books in one visit. The books I did choose in the end are all full of nice pictures (very important to me), new ideas, clear instructions, healthy foods and a lot that energy I need into these gray days. I love the fact that I can have these books for one month and seek the inspiration without any cost. And later I can just decide if some of the books are worth to buy.

Now the next step is to decide what to try first and not get too exited about all the new ideas, as there is a lot I want to try. When did you visit the library last time?




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