When did we become so lonely? That is the question in my mind lately as there has been a lot conversation about lack of friends and loneliness in social media. The topic seems to be very hot at the moment in Finland, but for sure we cannot be the only lonely ones in this world.

The topic is very relevant for me also as  I have moved a lot in the past years and I feel that the most important people around me are living very far. And then there is the fact that I have a long distance relationship going on, so for sure there is those moments when I would just need someone to have a coffee with, go walking or visit some events. It is not easy to move around and meet new people in this hectic life.


There are few amazing things happening around the topic here and I wanted to tell about those as it may help some of you also. The first interesting thing I heard about was the #invisiblefriend project from artist Pilvi Takala. The #invisiblefriend project allows you to send free private sms messages anonymously to someone who will always answer to your messages. This is something I think we all sometimes need, as there are those moments when you want to talk with someone but nobody is available. Maybe it is just that you want to change few nice words, talk about weather or the hot topics of the day. Or maybe you actually need someone to talk as you feel there is nobody around you. Ether way this is a possibility to have a conversation when you need it, but I wonder, what will happen when the project ends and you still have nobody to talk?


Another amazing thing happening now is the Uusia ystäviä – Facebook group (new friends -group). It started as a conversation in Facebook and now has over 2000 women around Finland looking people for different kind of activities. It is the power of community which I admire and the stories in the group are so overwhelming that you feel to answer to each and every on there. And this group has already give something to me also. I found a person to have coffee and talk about the thesis project which sometimes is heavy to deal alone. I also found people doing the same work outs as I am and now we have a motivation group. How amazing is this?

I hope you are not lonely, and if you are maybe you can find someone from these two amazing things going on. Also holiday season is coming, so what if you call that old friend and ask how is everything going on, and check that nobody has to be alone this Christmas.





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