Sweet luxury

This time of the year there seems to be many small events where it would be nice to bring something small as a gift. It can be flowers or some chocolate but as those are very common gifts this time of the year, it would be nice to bring something else. I also like the idea of adding little luxury even to the smallest things so here is one amazing idea for you to bring with you next time you need a gift.

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 I organized little Christmas party earlier this week and one of the girls brought amazing licorice with her. The sparkling licorice in the pictures is from the brand Lakrids by Johan Bülow and it is for sure sweet way to bring little luxury to any occasion. There is different taste combinations available and they taste as amazing they look with their sparkling cover.

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What is also amazing about these products is the story behind it. The brand is created in 2007 by Johan who at that moment was only 23-years old. How cool is that? I admire people who passionately go towards their dreams and create something from the very beginning. So this is not only sweet gift but inspiring same time.

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You can order your favorite tastes from the Lakrids web shop  which is delivering all around the world in my knowledge. But if you are in Finland like I am, you should definitely make a trip to the amazing shop Cobello and buy your licorice from there. Just do not get angry to me if you end up buying also a lot other nice things from their amazing selection.

Have a sweet weekend,



// On se aika vuodesta kun annetaan paljon pieniä lahjoja. Tässä ihanan makea ja ylellinen idea, Lakrids lakut!


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