Green and rustic


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Our home is very simple when it comes to the colors. We have a lot white with shades of gray and would not want it any other way, as it is so dark here in the winter. I like to add seasonal colors all around the year to the interior but in a way that it is still looking harmonious. I usually do not like to add too much things in, but for sure Christmas is exception.  I could cover all the apartment with seasonal details, I just have to hold it down little as hubby is not so exited to live in winter wonder land.

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When the big elements have harmonious colors it is easy to add little contrast to the interior. I made to the living room table a small setting from few very simple elements. I love the contrast of fresh green and rustic pots in the white interior. I use these old pots quit often as they have nice old vibes and I like that all plants in the apartment have same style in the pots.

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What I did here is that I bought a small room pine and collected some moss from the forest near by. I also got one big white candle and some white simple decorations fitting to the theme. The end results I think is fresh, rustic, seasonal and same time so simply beautiful. And this setting cost me only the pine (local shop sold these with less than 5€) and a trip to the forest as I had everything else already. It is important to me to use the things I already have home, not always buy new seasonal things.

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// Olohuoneen pöydältä löytyy jouluinen asetelma – vihreää ja vanhaa kontrastiksi vaaleaan sisutukseemme.

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