Surprising combinations

I have one especially week point when it comes to eating; cheese, biscuits and jams with a good class of red wine. I could literally only live with good combination of brie, fig jam and biscuits. Unfortunately in a long term this is not the best diet, so I have to keep myself in control and not eat these treats too often. But lucky me, the season of treats and sweets is now, so I can spend evening or two with my favorite treats.

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Like said fig jam is probably my all time favorite, but this year I got the possibility to taste also some new surprising combination. My friend brought to one Christmas party these Nicolas Vahé confits and I have to say my traditional fig jam has got some serious competition.

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Nicolas Vahé is know from not only good tasting, but also very good looking products. These confits are a nice substitute for traditional jam as they are less sweet and more intense with flavor. I like how the traditional tastes have been taken into another lever by combining simple flavors with something little unusual. Who would thought that apricot can taste so good with garlic or fig with balsamico?

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I have to say we all should try more often new things and get positively surprised. So maybe next time with the cheese you try these, or some of the other amazing tastes there are available. And these would make also a pretty nice gift don`t you think? You can find these at least from the amazing Cobello, but for sure in other stores also.

Have a wonderful Sunday, it is snowing finally!



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