TBT – My trips in Italy

I was thinking which of my trips in Italy I should share next in the TBT -post series and got this idea of creating a map of all the places I have visited so far in Italy. More I added pins on my map more I realized there is actually so many cities that it would be hard to mark them all smart way in one map. So I ended up just adding few of the bigger cities in the map and leaving out about same amount of places. I have not even realized how many places I have visited there the past four and half years…Milan, Rome, Padova, Palermo, Catania, Venice, Bologna, Sienna, Menfi, Verona, Ferrara, Sciacca, Lucca, Lace Garda, Treviso, Bergamo, Siracusa, Santa Margarita, Trapani, San Gimignano, Taormina, Marsala…wow!

my trips

As you can clearly see from the map I have mostly visited the northern part of Italy where I have lived and hubby is located at the moment but also Sicily as that is where the family of hubby is living. Tuscany is one of my all time favorite places and I spend almost four weeks there before I moved to Padova. I hope I can spend some time in the future there again. Even though I usually stay or in Padova or in Menfi (in Sicily) I try to visit always some other cities also. The train connections are good and especially weekends are good for day trips as on Saturdays you can get always two tickets with the price of one.

but where

So where to go next? I am heading to Italy again in few weeks and spending ten days without bigger plans. So there might be a change I finally visit one of the places top in my Italy bucket list: Napoli, Pisa or Cinque Terre. They are maybe not so exotic but more touristic but I have wanted to visit these places already a long time. But let`s see if I end up going some of those or maybe day trip to Como lake, Torino or Parma could be also good choice. Where do you want to travel next?


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