How to follow?

Blog is nothing without its readers and I believe that it is important to have different ways to follow blog and its writer. Now a days the importance of social media cannot be underestimated and I think it is nice that you can follow your favorite blogs from different aspects; not only from the blog posts but example also daily moments in Instagram. So I decided to put together here all the ways you can follow my blog A small adventure and also me around social media.


If you are interested to follow my blog and get information every time there is a new post here I recommend you to sign up to Bloglovin and start to follow my blog there. It is a nice channel as it allows you to follow your favorite blogs and you can also safe posts you like under different categories. I example always add the blogs I follow there so then I can find them all from the same place. The only think I am sad about Bloglovin is how badly it works together with WordPress, so example the pictures are there quit foggy in the main page (I am still working to fix that).



If you are WordPress user you can also start to follow my blog by pushing the follow – button in the main menu I have in the right side of the blog. You can find this option under Social (where is also all the social channels I am using) and there is also option for RSS for new posts if you want use that option.


Addition to these ways to follow my blog there are three social media channels to follow me outside the blog. I usually post in all of these channels also updates for new post but they are mainly used for other purposes. If you like to see small every day moments with pictures you can find me from Instagram with username @laurat0n. I have been using Instagram since 2012 so you can find crazy amount of picture there. For me Instagram is nice way to share small things from my every day life and I do it almost in daily basis.



Pinterest is for me the place for inspiration and idea collecting.  I have been pinning for a quit a long time and I absolutely love it. It is one of my favorite social media platforms and I have boards there for everything from food to weddings. So if you feel you have similar taste example in fashion, home decoration or DIY project my Pinterest could interest you. You find me there once again with my own name – LauraTonteri


Last but not least there is Twitter which is totally different not only as a platform compared to Instagram and Pinterest but also it differs a lot with the content. In Twitter I am sharing only thoughts related to my future profession (mainly marketing and digital world), interesting notions from the news and things about food (clean eating etc.) as it is highly important to me. I have made in purpose this decision to share there only these kind of things as I feel the audience there for me is highly different than example in Instagram. I want to keep it as professional platform and interact with the people I may be working with in the future.


I am using currently quit many different social platforms, but all of them for very different purposes. I feel that it is good to have a package of different tools which are supporting each other and giving something more I cannot provide in my blog. And in case someone is wondering I am also using Facebook but keeping that for my private life only. And if you are interested to contact me for professional purposes you can find me from LinkedIn.

Have a social Saturday,




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