Lazy day chai latte

lazy day

The past days here in Finland have been so wet, gray and cold that I have been seriously considering next available flight to somewhere warm and sunny. But as the reality is full of work and school, I needed to find more fast way to warm up. Even though tea is always a good idea with woolen socks (made by my grandmother of course) when I want to get warm fast, I have been graving something little more spicy. I suddenly remembered the best chai latte recipe I have ever tested from the amazing Torkkuja ja Nokkosia Blog, but felt too lazy to start making my own mix and boiling it up. So I ended up creating lazy day chai latte with chai tea and soy milk.

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The secret behind a good chai latte is the fantastic mix of cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, star anise, ginger and black tea mixed with steamed milk. Definitely never use (or order) those made from cheap and over sweet syrup as that is nothing like the real thing. So if you are feeling lazy like me, do the second best thing and make your chai latte from ready tea mix. I used this time green Indian chai tea I had home already. It has nice and soft taste with enough spiciness to make you feel warm. And the green tea is actually nice alternative for the classical black tea based mix; somehow same time fresh and spicy.

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  • 1/4 chai tea
  • 3/4 soy milk
  • cinnamon


INFUSE the chai tea. As I like the strong taste of chai I used press pot for make the tea, but you can choose how strong taste you want to have by making the tea more or less strong.

WARM UP up your soy milk (or any other milk you like to use) and steam it.

POUR your tea in a nice cup (1/4 parts) and then fill rest of the cup with the hot steamed milk (3/4 parts).

COMPLETE your chai latte by powdering cinnamon to the top.

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chailatte (1 of 11)

Let`s get warmed up,



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