10 things to do before travelling

Tomorrow I am heading to Italy first time this year, so it is time today to get ready for the trip. I have been traveling the past years so many times that I have created nice travel preparation tradition to myself, and I thought to share the 10 things you should always do before travelling. I hope you find the list useful at least in some parts, I know I am quit a perfectionist on this matter and like to do “little extra” before heading away from home.

travelessentials (1 of 2)

  1.  The first thing I do is a TO DO -list where I mark down all the small affairs I need to take care before I go. These are example washing clothes, taking the luggage from the storage, go to buy things for the trip, pay bills and all these kind of things you just have to do. For me it is much easier to do it all in time if I have a clear list for it.
  2. Then there is another list for SHOPPING so that I remember to go get everything I am missing for the trip and also for the home. Usually this shopping trip includes snack for the plain, chewing gum, towelettes, sun cream if I travel to sunny destination and also those things for home which are ending and I need to have when I come back (example coffee).
  3. Before traveling I always pay all the bills and check the return dates from the library books. I do not want to stress about these things when I am far away, so this is a simple thing to take stress away. And I can tell that if you have paid one time huge amount for the library (I paid 50€ for my thesis books after one holiday) because you forgot to return the books before your trip, you will not forgot again.
  4. When it comes to packing I make a list, yeas I am a list freak, but for me it is the easiest way to get everything I need but also nothing that I don`t actually need. I have been doing the packing so many times that now I can finally start to say that I travel light. I usually make first the list, get everything on it and then make one more time checking if I really need all those things as every time I end up picking few things out of the list.
  5. I have asthma and for allergies few other medicines I have to use daily basis so always before my trips I check that I have enough everything for the days I am away from home. It is also good to have the recipes with you if you carry a lot medicines as sometimes in the airport security they want to know what you have and why.
  6. As now a days I carry with me camera and computer, and sometimes tablet also, I always charge full all my devices. It takes the stress away from the day especially if you have only short changes or direct flight where you cannot charge during the travel. I also double check that I have my headset with me so I can listen music when needed.
  7. I hate to come back to dirty home so I always find time before my trips to clean. It can be just fast thing, but I always try to make it the long way so that the home is fresh and nice to come back. I also try to wash all laundry away before I go as I don`t want to be washing straight after trip clothes prior the trip and from the trip. And this way there is always clean clothes for the few days after your trip. And never forget to take the garbage out before you go, nobody wants to return in to a smelly home.
  8. I know this next thing may sounds little extreme but I always try to change fresh sheets and towels before I go. Why? Well think how much more nice it is to come back home, especially from late flight, when you can go to your own bed between fresh sheets.
  9.  Before the trip I always try not to buy too much fresh food home, so the days before I go I always eat what is left. I hate food waste and example fruits you can always take with you if there is something left when you have to go. And sometimes I have take some food that is left to my friends or family so they can use it when I am gone.
  10. And last but not least I take my traveling “wallet”, the small black one in the picture, and fill it with all the documents and cards I need in my trip. I never carry my whole wallet with me, I only take what I really need like example driving license, insurance card, healthcare card and two different cards for paying. I also take some cash, my passport and the tickets. I do the checking always if possible advanced so then I safe some time in the airport.

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Overall I think travel preparations can be stress free if you plan good. I also always make sure that I have in my carry on luggage few set of clothes, my medicine, chargers and other important things so that if something happens to my bigger luggage I don`t have to worry too much. And take fresh food and water with you to the plain, you want to feel fresh when you arrive!


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