Sunny Saturday in Firenze

Hey you, I hope you are having as nice weekend as I have here in Italy. Yesterday I visited one of my old university friends in Firenze and they could not have been better for a small day trip.  It has been so sunny and warm the past days (I heard that it has been raining almost every day the past few weeks) that it is really starting to feel like spring. The city was full of life like usual and it was nice to see people enjoying their Saturday outside in the sun. We spend the day very stress free just walking around, having lunch at Mercatone centrale (this place is always full but I still love it), doing little shopping at the leather market and talking as I have not seen my friend way too long time.

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The city is definitely one of my favorites and I highly recommend to visit it if you ever come to Italy. If you are interested on history the city offers a lot museums, churches and other historically interesting sights. On the other hand if you like shopping this is also perfect place for you, Firenze has all the big luxury brands but also many small unique boutiques, markets outside and very nice selection of vintage boutiques. So definitely something for everyone.

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firenze16 (10 of 25)You can also be super romantic in Firenze and example lock your love to the gate in the Ponte Vecchio like hundreds of others have done.

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For leather lovers Firenze is the dream as here you can find amazing leather products from small local producers with very nice prices. Check example the San Lorenzo market, it has huge variety of leather products like bags, belts, notebooks and jackets. I have also bought some years a go very nice cashmere scarf from this market  Just be careful with the quality (check double if it is real leather) and always bargain as there is every time some air in the first price they give.

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While walking around the city we run into lovely Don Nino gelateria & pasticceria. This very light, nicely decorated place offers very good looking ice cream and amazing pastry. My friend example had her first ever cannoli (traditional Sicilian pastry) here and I can assure it was one of the best once I have seen out of Sicily. Just take it with ricotta, not with pistachio as that is the real way! So if you need a little brake, don`t miss this place. You will recognize it from the white bikes front of the place and constant flow of people in and out.

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Enjoy last hours of Sunday,  will now continue our weekend with a good movie and the best vegetarian lasagna we have ever made (check this Green Kitchen stories recipe, it is the best).




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