Mossa the little sister of Madara

Some years a go I got highly interested about clean eating, organic products and what there actually is inside all the products we consume. Now a days I eat as clean as possible and use a lot organic products not only in the kitchen, but also for cleaning and washing clothes. After changing these things the logical continuum for me has been better choices in make up and other cosmetics. The only thing is that the natural / ecological cosmetics are many times little more expensive than the products I used before. So I have been changing everything little by little and same time testing different brands.

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So far for skincare I have found Madara to be the most suitable for me. It is not the most expensive one, the products are working good and they also smell as well as look nice. Still I was happy when earlier this year I saw the new little sister of Madara – Mossa in the shop. Mossa is little cheaper than her big sister but is still organic and made from ECOCERT certified Nordic berries. The brand has facial skin cleansing and toning products for all skin types but they also have moisturizers and other products specially designed for women aged 25+ (youth defence) and women aged 35+ (age excellence).

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The news about this new brand came in a perfect timing for me as I was just finishing my day and BB -creams. So I got as a first test two products; Nutritive antioxidant day cream from the youth defense series and the Skin perfector matt coverage tinted BB cream. I have been now using both few weeks daily and I could not be happier. The day cream is fantastic and work perfectly under makeup. The BB cream I was little worried as it has only one shade but it is actually perfect for me and gives nice natural coverage.


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Maybe later I will share some of the other products I use, but before that I would be happy to hear which natural cosmetic brand you like to use. But wow I head to the center here in Padova for a little shopping, have a nice Tuesday!



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