Life volume 2 – me, myself and I

The past weeks I have been thinking how to write this post and should I even write it here. Maybe it is too personal, maybe it is not as beautiful and inspiring as I want everything to be here. But as the things in my life are the inspiration for this blog I want to give explanation for some things happening later this year. Maybe I can also help myself to move on. So what is going on?

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The original plan for this year was to move to Italy with my hubby. I have planned this change a long time and step by step it was getting closer. We have a long history together and it seemed clear that the future would be build together also. But as I have learned the past years, life is definitely full of surprises and the plans change. I will not move to Italy this year, probably never. So it is just me, myself and I from now on. No hubby, no us. My life volume 2.

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And what will happen now? Well now I have to figure out who I am, what I want from life, where I want to be and what I want to do. It is an opportunity to start fresh and clean where ever I want, what ever I want. It opens new possibilities but it is also scary. I have been so many year the girl with Italian hubby that I am not sure who I am without him. But I guess I will figure it out, little by little.

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As I am not moving to Italy I need to find a new home, here in Finland. I have contract in my current apartment only till beginning of the summer so the next two and half months will be full of apartment hunting. And furniture hunting as I sold everything last summer and rented fully furnished apartment so that the moving from Finland would be easier. I also need to figure out how fast I want to finish my studies as now I am not hurry to go away anymore. Luckily my teachers have been super helpful and I have found amazing work placement opportunities for this spring and next autumn.

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As I am planner with a big P I also want to sit down and thing what I want from the life the upcoming years as everything I planned is now gone. I think it is important to have some kind of a plan and goals – that way it is easier to reach those goals and work hard for the things you want in life. I have to think example do I want to buy apartment one day here? And do I want to create a career in Finland or maybe try to find a job from some other country? And is there some other goals in life I want to achieve? Big 30 is also coming closer, so where do I want to be by then?

From these thoughts to a lovely weekend, go and enjoy the sun!



P.S Italy will be part of this blog  in the future also, but I think I will take advantage of the situation and travel the next years everywhere else than there! Stay tuned, I have some nice trip ideas for this year.

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