Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

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I think we can all agree that spring is finally here (we have been enjoying sun and +10 degrees here in Finland the past days) and next week it is time to celebrate Easter. I somehow love Easter a lot even though it is not that big and special holiday as example Christmas is. There is this super springy feeling around this holiday and it feel fresh with all the sun and colors after long dark winter. My family has basically only one Easter tradition and that is these amazing marble colored eggs I am showing you today. I have Estonian mother and I think she has brought this tradition with her and I remember doing these eggs so so many times with her. I also love how natural toned they are and to be honest, I would not feel comfortable to color eggs with anything else than natural ingredients when the idea is later to eat them. Do you color eggs?

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For these marble eggs you need to have

  • white eggs
  • onion skins
  • string

I used this time the skins from regular onions but you can also use skins from red onions. Just if you want to use both, so that you can get a nice mix of different tones, you need to boil them separately as the red is so strong color that it will ruin the brown ones. I have been taking the skins every year for free from supermarket as they anyway always throw them away. I think every year I get strange looks when I am picking only onion skins and then explaining to the cashier why I have them. Try to pic as big skins as possible so that the next part is easier for you.

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So how to do these eggs?

FIRST you need to take one egg and cover it gently with the onion skins. Use different pieces to cover the whole egg. It can feel difficult in the begging, just be gentle and patient – you will learn the tactic.

NEXT take the string and start to rotate the string around the egg. I do this quit many times, as you can see from the pictures, so that the “packaging” will become tight. Just be gentle, you don`t want to brake the egg.

WHEN you are done rotating the string close the ends of the string and repeat everything with the next egg.

BOIL the eggs in a bot full of water 5-7 minutes.

LET COOL down in a cold water

PEAL OFF the onion skins (I usually cut first the string little) and wash gently the eggs as the skins usually leave this sticky cover on them.

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And here they are – marble colored eggs made only with natural ingredients. Each egg is little different and you never know how they will turn out. Sometimes some of the eggs get more even color, sometimes they are all so amazingly toned. They are also easy to make and totally eatable so you can make these example for Easter brunch. Simple and beautiful I would say!

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Before Easter I will show simple Easter table setting idea and maybe few ideas for decorations. I don`t usually decorate a lot for Easter but I have few nice things from past years. So stay tuned if you need inspiration for Easter. Have a nice Wednesday,



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