Mad about the office outfits

New week – new challenges! Last week was for now the last one in school for me and today I started my internship. Exiting! I am working the next 3 months in a business travel company and I will be doing marketing as well as communications. So exactly what I have wanted to do! The thing is that by having this new job opportunity I am no more in school with super relaxed dress code (or actually with no dress code at all) – now I am working in a business environment so it means that no ripped jeans and sneakers anymore.

If you have followed my old blog you know that I had this Mad about the..-post series where I always shared something I was currently mad about. You can find the old ones here (all in Finnish) but as I liked those a lot I am bringing them back – so here we go with it as I am Mad about the office outfits!


Like said my internship is happening in a business environment so I want to dress up accordingly. We don`t have strict dress code at the office but somehow I feel that it is still good to make a impression also by looking nice and to be honest, I kind of like to play now with the office outfits idea. So nothing too fancy, relaxed smart casual without over doing it. I bought few new clothes before starting, but there is still few things I would like to get. And actually everything I have got or planning to get later works well also outside of the office, so smart choices.  I made two inspiration collections – tell me how you like them!


This first outfit I collected here is so fresh and I cannot imagine a situation where white shirt and jeans would not work.I cannot wait the streets to be totally dry and the weather more warm as I want to leave heavy winter shoes home and slip on some nice ballerinas. I also like a lot this striped blazer here – let`s see if I can find something similar later this spring.


In this second collection I put together three super classy outfits which you can make with few key items. A black dress never goes out of style and combination of light blue shirt and black skirt is always a safe choice. I have also created a little crush on printed pants  and I think this is just the way how you can add something interesting to your outfit. Of course black pants are always a good choice, but  with the right print and color this could work nicely also.

So what do you think – too classy or just the right style for the office? And what do you like this kind of post with little fashion?




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