Ei roskiin vaan lautaselle – My first magazine article

One of the most interesting courses I have done this year in the uni was Food and media. The course was dealing the topic from many different perspectives, and it was interesting to hear different views as we met during the course photographer, food journalist, food blogger, industry specialist and many others. They all had a very different point to present to the topic, and the industry and it definitely opened eyes. We also had a nice visit at Sanoma media which is producing amazing Glorian ruoka & viini -magazine.

But for sure the most amazing thing the course offered was a possibility to make a magazine article for a actual magazine, and not just hear how the process is done. So here it is, my very first magazine article which came out already in May, but I did not have time to show it here before.

The article was made as a collaboration with Kespro and it came out this May in their Menu -magazine for HoReCa customers and selected stakeholders. I did this project together with one girl from the same course and we did everything from the idea creation to the final text and photos. Our article was talking about food waste and we did an interview with Ossi Paloneva who at that time was working in waste food pop-up restaurant in Helsinki. The restaurant was part of a Waste to taste -project and  sadly it is not there anymore, but go and check their new restaurant Loop!

The article we wrote is only in Finnish, but if you want to read it you can find it from here, just scroll to the page 66! The text was written together with my colleague, and the big photo taken my me. I added here also some other photos from the visit we had in the restaurant; what a nice atmosphere they had there!

firstarticle (3 of 10)

firstarticle (5 of 10)

Ossi1 (1 of 1)

firstarticle (6 of 10)

firstarticle (7 of 10)

firstarticle (2 of 10)

firstarticle (8 of 10)

In the end the project was very teaching and interesting. I could not be happier how the article ended up being, and it feels nice to have also print media in my portfolio now. I also feel the message was important, so please, don`t through you food away if you can still use it! More taste, less waist!



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