Feeling inspired – new camera

New camera has been on my mind for some time already, even though my dear Nikon has served me well. Somehow I felt that my camera was too big to carry with me more often, which is a shame as so many times there has been situations where I would have loved to take few photos. As I am moving to Netherlands next month, I decided that before that I need to get myself finally a new camera. But even though I wanted something small, I did not want to give up on the quality. I made a little research and ended up buying a Olympus om-d e-m10 camera, which has been amazing so far!

paula069716 (40 of 66)

The om-d e-m10 is a super-slim, looking timeless (I got it all black) and light-weight system camera. It is a micro Four Thirds camera with large electronic viewfinder, high performance 3-axis image stabilization and high-speed auto-focus. When example comparing to Olympus Pen cameras, what I liked more was the viewfinder in this one, as I did not want to use only screen. This camera is also equipped with built-in flash and WiFi, which makes it super easy to share the photos to your phone example. It also has HD video option, so maybe in the future I start to make videos also. I also got to linses to it: M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6 EZ and M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm 1:4.0-5.6 R. All in all, I have been very happy with the camera so far!

paula069716 (43 of 66)

And the story behind these photos? Well, as many may know when you get a new camera you feel suddenly more inspired than ever. I feel that there is still million things to learn for me when it comes to photography and I really want to try new things. City and nature is always available, and I can create a dish in my kitchen for photo shoot anytime. But I would love to make also more photo shoots with people, but for that you need someone to be in the photos. And this is not always so easy task, as many can imagine. Luckily Paula from Joku jossain -blog got a absolutely amazing idea and she created a Photo friends group on Facebook. There we can find friends for photogrpahy – someone to take the photos for you, someone to go take photos with you, or someone to be in the photos for you. Fantastic idea isn’t it? And so I ended up having a photo date with Paula earlier this week, which was fin and exiting. It was so much fun to play with the camera and in the end the photos came more nice than I could ever hope for. So here you are, the first photo shoot with my new camera!

paula069716 (45 of 66)

paula069716 (47 of 66)

paula069716 (48 of 66)

paula069716 (49 of 66)

paula069716 (51 of 66)

How do you like the photos and idea of sharing photo shoots here? I would love to have some comments about this kind of photos, as I have ideas for so many other shoots now when I know, that I can find someone to do it with.

Have a lovely weekend,


4 thoughts on “Feeling inspired – new camera

  1. I think you’ve got it all right. It all starts witht that unresting desire inside you to explore the possiblities and create something new. Excitement is the main starter and fuel driving to great things = )

    I like the technical specs used. The first photo had a very good plot from behind the plant.


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