Travel plans – autumn 2016


This summer feels so long and so short same time, as the autumn is bringing so much change in my life. The last six weeks in Finland started for me today, and finally it is starting to feel real that I am moving to Netherlands next month. I got my one way ticket, I got room from shared apartment and everything else starts to be also ready. I will be writing later about the practical arrangements you need to do when moving abroad, but today I want to concentrate on something more fun. As Netherlands is situated in a perfect location in Europe, I am planning to visit many other countries this upcoming fall. So destinations 2016 – Where to go this autumn? destinations2016 (2)

I did a map to highlight some of the destinations I am planning to visit this autumn. I marked Netherlands with black, as it is where I will be staying most of the time. I am planning to travel around Netherlands and get to know the country well. With red I marked those destinations I am sure to visit, and with purple I marked those which are still a question mark. Of course you never know what will happens once you get there, so this is just a plan – but I can assure you that this autumn my blog will be full of travel stories from these, or some other places.


I marked as a sure to visit in my map Belgium, Luxembourg, Paris, October fest in Germany and England. Breda is so close to Belgium that it would be stupid not to visit it while living next to it. Also Luxembourg is so close that I feel it is an obvious destination for me. October fest in Germany is something we are planning together with my friend as there are few of our German friends who would love us to go there with them. Also knowing that you can go to Paris (my all time favorite) with a train only in 3 hours makes Paris a sure destination for me. This is something why I love Netherlands already, everything really is so close. And then there is England as we have some friends / relatives there who would like us to visit them, so why not to go when we are so close to them?

Beside these I added Switzerland and Denmark to my map as these two are countries I would like to visit some point in my life. But as they are not that close to Netherlands I am still not sure my timetable and budget will allow me to visit them. But we will see, especially now when we have talked little about spending January traveling and coming back home little later than originally planned. So lets see where I will end up!

Which destinations are you planning to visit this autumn?




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