Are you scared to move?

In six weeks from now I am living in Netherlands. Breda will be my new home till the end of this year. When I am talking about this with people I hear often questions about safety in Europe, and if I am scared to move away from Finland. I keep answering to people no, I am not scare to move. I know there is a lot happening around the world, and I do not believe that it would be safer to live here than somewhere else. I also know there are so many places I still want to see, so I will not stop traveling just because some people believe that they have the right to attack against others.

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When there are terrorist attacks, wars, crimes or something bad happening, people get scared. I have many friends who have told me that they do not want to travel anymore, as they are afraid. Afraid that something bad will happen or that the plane will disappear. I believe that fear is something these kind of events many time are meant to create, and I don`t want to give power to those people who are creating this feeling. I somehow believe that if it is meant to be that I will be middle of terrorist attack, then let it be so. I don`t want to limit my life choices just because someone may do something bad. If we keep staying home and feeling scared, we will end up loosing many moments and experiences in this life. And then we are giving the power to those who are creating fear. I want to live, not be home feeling scared.

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Like many others, also I believe that with love and being nice to others we can change many situations. Not with anger. Do not answer to anger with anger. But I also know that anger and bad events are part of life, and sadly I don`t believe we could have a world filled only with love. So the second best thing is to not feel scared, live the life with good attitude and little by little hope that fewer and fewer people would do something bad to others. When did we become so angry that the only option you feel there is, is to take it out to innocent people?

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I will move to Netherlands and I will spend my free time this autumn traveling as much as possible. I will not be scared, but I also know that other (like my mother) will worry about me, so there are few things I will do to help people to track me if needed. First of all I will do the official travel notification to the ministry of foreign affairs of Finland. This way they know where I am living, in case there is something happening in Netherlands and they need to check my safety. You can add there contact person, so example by adding my mother there, the ministry can then inform her about my safety. You can do this notification not only when you are moving abroad, but also every time you travel. I highly recommend this, its free and at least then someone has a small idea where you could be.

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Another thing I will do is update in Facebook my new hometown Breda and give Facebook access to my location via my devices. This I will do because Facebook is offering safety check. During the attack in Nice my Facebook informed me that a friend living there has marked herself safe. What a easy way to inform everyone around you (at least those who use Facebook) that you are safe. So even though people sometimes criticize how much social media knows about us, in these kind of situations I really appreciate the  power of some.

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And last but not least, it is always good to tell someone where you are traveling. This is common sense I think, so just at least someone knows from which country to start looking me. I hope you have a lovely Sunday.



P.S Thank you dear friend for letting me play with my camera in your garden. Love these mellow, already little withered roses.


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