Broken relationships

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In the beginning of this year I experienced heart braking brake up. The man who I though is the love of my life turned out to be everything else than the man I though he was. The brake up was not clean and easy, it was heavy, long and hurtful. It was one of the most painful things in my life, and I never expected things to go the way they did. Now our story is nothing more than a broken relationship and a collection of memories which I hope would not exists. That is how badly I got hurt. But now, half a year later, I am happy it went that way, and life has been to me very amazing.

Because I feel I am finally long way in the better side of the brake up, earlier this week I finally felt that I was ready to visit Museum of Broken relationships. It may sound strange to you, but for someone who has “fresh” broken relationship, it is not easy to go and experience this exhibition, and read all the heart braking stories. I am happy I went there, made me feel I am not alone here with this experience. And somehow I also felt after the visit that things could have gone even more bad, so I am in the end little lucky I guess.

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Museum of broken relationship is internationally toured exhibition build around failed relationships and donated personal belongings from those broken relationships. The permanent exhibition of Museum of Broken Relationships is in Zagreb Croatia and was conceptualized by Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić in 2010. The exhibition has travelled around the world and first time arrived to Scandinavia this may, when Helsinki city museum opened the exhibition. You can etrance the museum for free, all the stories are also in English and the exhibition is here until 11.09.16, so you still have time to make a visit.

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The museum has more than 80 stories to tell about broken relationships, and each story is in its own way so beautiful. It gives so much to think and you learn in a short time how each relationship in this world is unique. And it is not only about stories from traditional “girlfriend-boyfriend” relationships, but also example broken relationships between family members, and endings because of death. There are so many different kind of relationships in this world, and each of them is a story. Small or big. When you enter to the museum you can borrow the book, read all the stories and then in the end you can decide if you want to leave the stories there, or take them with you with 5€. I left them there, as I think it is where they should be. Among people who needs to know these stories.

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The belongings in the museum vary from wedding dress to poster, and everything between. It is amazing to realize how each relationship has something that reminds the people in it about something so special, that nobody else can understand. And it is part of the magic of relationships I think, to have something only you two can understand. There was so many stories send to the museum that they could not take all of them to the exhibition, so you can read more stories from internet and also send your story there.

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This film canister and the story behind it was one of the most heard braking to me. The story is so beautiful, so sad..if you have no time for all the stories in the museum, just go and read at least this one.

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Not all the stories are presented same way and like said, all belongings are different. This painting and the story was presented nicely, don`t miss it, it is not easy to spot.

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A spectrum of a star – this story was so beautiful because it shows once again how thoughtful people are when in love.

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The museum does not have a traditional visitors` book – they have a book where you can write your brake up story. I almost felt to sit down, write and leave my brake up there. I was afraid to cry, would have needed a friend to sit next to me.

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City museum of Helsinki is beautiful, and I spotted so many nice details. Spend little time just wandering and watching. There is interesting design and interior choices. A lot details I could copy to my next home. And for sure a lot for children to do, so family friendly museum.

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I especially loved the colors and material choices in the museum – a lot soft tones and amazing color combinations.

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Today it is chilly, cloudy and little rainy, a perfect day for a museum visit maybe?





Details of this travel tip

Museum of broken relationships 
City museum Helsinki / Helsingin kaupunginmuseo  (Aleksanterinkatu 16)
Mon – Fri 11:00 – 19:00, Sat – Sun 11:00 – 17.00

4 thoughts on “Broken relationships

  1. Thank you for this post. Life can be so hard. Keep a sense of how precious you are, and that a healthy relationship hassle room for you to grow and flourish. And it’s probably the hardest thing we ever do. 🙂


  2. Thank you very much for sharing the moment. I do enjoy it and keep me in the better side. Recently acceptance of the broken relationship and searching for a better day.


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