Favorite breakfast

I can easily say, that breakfast is my favorite meal, and I absolutely love slow mornings, when I can use time to prepare something really nice for breakfast. Some years a go I came across with banana pancakes and they have been every since my favorite. I keep doing these pancakes every week on those days, when I am not in hurry. I have tried many different recipes for the pancakes (with and without flour, different flours, with only egg white) but finally I have found perfect recipe, which never fails. It is gluten free, fast to make and gives me 8 small pancakes if I use my pancake pan (which I 99% of the time end up using).

With the pancakes you can eat basically anything you have: berries, nutella, maple syrup, curd, fruits, nuts..you name it! But my ultimate favorite combination is with berries and date butterscotch. This butterscotch is healthy, delicious and so simple to make. And you can use it for so many other things also, try example with fresh berries or as a crust for cupcakes. DELICIOUS!


Banana pancakes and date butterscotch

Serves 1  // time 15 min. // dairy & gluten free



  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 egg
  • 0.5 dl buckwheat flour
  • cinnamon
  • cardamom
  • ground vanilla
  • coconut oil

Date butterscotch

  • 5 fresh dates
  • 0.5 dl coconut milk


REMOVE stones from fresh dates

MIX dates and coconut milk with hand blender until smooth

MIX banana, buckwheat flour and egg until smooth

SEASON with cinnamon, cardamon and ground vanilla

HEAT pancake pan (or regular frying pan) and add coconut oil

FRY pancakes from both side few minutes, these pancakes cook fast.

SERVE with fresh berries and ENJOY

dateandpancake (2 of 2).jpg

Have a lovely weekend,


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