Mad about the map poster

Somehow I have this skill of getting obsessed with random things, and then I cannot take them away from my mind for a long time. When I was writing my blog in the old address, I was sharing every now and then things I was “mad about”, and I can tell you, that I am still having this crazy obsession with golden pineapple (I know, what the hell?), which I wrote about already two years a go. By the way, still haven`t found the perfect pineapple, even though last week I saw once again many potential once. And as I am still getting strange cravings, I decided to continue the “mad about the..” series also here. Hope you like it!

But what am I am mad about at the moment?

the freshest fruits and vegetables,delivered daily to your doorstep (1).png

Mad about the map poster! I have seen map posters every now and then in interior magazines and blogs, but never really thought of getting one to myself. Somehow I have not felt need of getting map of New York or any other big city I have seen in the posters, as I have not visited those places. Yeas, they are pretty, but I like deeper meanings. However some time a go I came across with this company called Mapiful which creates map posters based on your own choices. You can make a map of your home city, favorite country or any other place you like. And you can also choose many other details also. How amazing is that?

I never though I could have example Tallinn, or my small hometown Riihimäki as a map poster. So now I have this obsession, and I have to admit, that I have spend already one evening designing posters. And yeas, I am just about to move so I don`t even have a home at the moment where to order anything.

Photos Mapiful image kit

I definitely will order map (or few) from this company later, when I will have more permanent home. I have this idea of ordering map posters of all my previous hometowns , and then creating one huge map wall with all the maps in simple black frames.

How do you like these map posters?











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