Every day, every night

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I remember this one day, when I was hanging out with my friends, and my mam called me. She told me to come home immediately, because there was something she needed me to know. That was the day when my parents told me my dad was sick. I cannot remember the moment they told me, but I remember when she called me, and I remember how after the big news I sat alone in my room and wondered why this happened. My dad was sick, and he would not get better. Only worse. That happened more than ten years a go.

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I remember I was wearing gray sweatpants the morning my mam called me. It was odd she called me so early Sunday morning. She told me to order a taxi and come immediately, your father is dead. After that she hung up the phone. I could not understand any of the words I just heard, so I called her back and asked what do you mean. She told me your dad is dead, order a taxi. The taxi driver was past middle aged man and I can still remember his face clearly. He tried to calm me down as I was going into panic, and he kept saying maybe it  is a misunderstanding. Are you sure he asked me. I cannot remember a lot after that. It was not a misunderstanding. I remember how he looked. I remember crying. And I remember collapsing to the floor. That happened two years a go.

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I knew all this would happen in the end, but even you think you are prepared, you never actually are. Dead is something we cannot fight against, something we just need to accept. I was always daddy`s little girl. I have so many good memories with him. I miss him every day, and so many times I have been wishing I could have him with me. But I also know is better this way. That sometimes is better to die, than suffer.

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Every day, every night
you will stay, in my heart



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