Unrealistically realistic – Ron Mueck

Few weeks a go I went to visit a dear friend in Tampere, and used the opportunity to Finally visit the much talked Ron Mueck exhibition. It was as unrealistically realistic as I expected. For those who do not know, Ron Mueck is Australian born hyperrealist sculptor based now in London. The exhibition is Mueck`s firs one in the Nordic countries and presents ten sculptures, a series of photographs depicting the artist at work and Gautier Deblonde’s film ‘Still Life: Ron Mueck at Work’.

ronmoeck2016 (1 of 12)

Couple under an Umbrella (2013)

ronmoeck2016 (2 of 12)

The exhibition has got a lot media attention and it is easy to understand why after visiting it. The work is unbelievable as each work has even the smallest details on them. Example in the work Girl (2006) it looked like the blood is still wet and fresh. Scary! And I felt that the work he does is not only about realistic looking art – each work gave me something more deeper to think about. It was also nice to see how differently me and my friend saw the works, and which details we spotted.

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Mother and Child (2002)

Example Mother and Child (2002) was yeas, highly realistic but same time I kept thinking why the mother was looking the way she was, and  why she was not holding the new born child? Similarly in the work Youth (2009) the first question was related to the skin color of the boy. Why it feels so stereotypical for me to present a young boy with a stab wound kind of injury on a black boy? Why it was not example a young white girl? Or is that also the point, to make you think deeper?

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A Girl (2006)

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Youth (2009)

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Woman with Shopping (2013)

Woman with Shopping (2013) was one of my favorites as somehow it awakened many thoughts in my head. I am a person surrounded more and more friends with babies, as it is starting to be that age for us. And somehow I kept wondering long after seeing the work, how the mothers life is with baby and everything else you have to take care in the life.

ronmoeck2016 (9 of 12)

Mask II (2001-2)

ronmoeck2016 (10 of 12)

More works we saw more we kept thinking how they are made, how do they feel and which material is used for them. Luckily the museum has a material example, video showing the artist working and photos, as well as books explaining more Mueck`s work. Definitely nice addition to the exhibition, as these are not works you can see often.

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Have you seen Ron Mueck exhibition in Tampere or somewhere else? How did you like it?



Details of this museum adventure

Ron Mueck exhibiton 
Sara Hildén art museum / Laiturikatu 13, Tampere, Finland

Open until 16 of October 2016


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