First castle adventure – Bouvigne

Some time a go one of my professors in the university told me about beautiful castle just bike ride away. He told me about the beautiful gardens, and how I should definitely make a visit to the castle during Breda open monument days, as then you could also visit inside the castle. I started to laugh, and told him, that actually somehow we had already managed to make a visit to the castle (inside also) with a friend. Afterward I have learned, that we have already visited actually quit many places which usually are not easily accessed. So maybe we have been super lucky with my traveling buddy lady A, or maybe it is just the super planning (with color codes, hahah) we have been doing. All the same, we are definitely not going to miss anything interesting during our stay in Netherlands – easy or not to access.


I have to also say, that somehow me and lady A both are quit fond of castles, and last week we made a plan to visit another 6 or 7 castles the upcoming months. Crazy I know! So this post is also a start for  my castle adventures series, which I hope you will like. But how was the castle? Simply BEAUTIFUL – no other way to describe it!


The Bouvigne castle is situated in south of Breda, just a bike ride away from my home. The castle is surrounded by water, and the view with waterlilies and swans gliding smoothly around the castle definitely brought images of fairy tails and princesses to my mind. The history of the castle dates back to 1554 and it has surprisingly rich history, for such a “small” castle with several different owners in the past. Today the Bouvigne castle is owned by the Waterschap, which is the regional body responsible for waterways and the maintenance of water levels. So highly important place if you think how important issue water is here in the Netherlands.



In addition to the beautiful castle, the estate houses also a chapel, carriage house and Hof van Bouvigne (Bouvigne court), which today serves as the headquarters of Waterschap Brabantse Delta. The different properties are not every day open to visitors, but few times a year they organize open door days, like example the Breda openmonumentendag. However I would still recommend a visit as the different gardens in French, English and German style are something you want to see.


I love simple Scandinavian interior, but somehow every time I see historical building full of strong colors and materials such as silk, velvet and the huge tassels, I just want to redecorate everything. The details are amazing!



Inside the castle only the first floor was open for a visit. It was beautifully decorated and each room was so different. The only sad thing was for us the lack of information in English – they only provide information in Dutch.





During our visit we saw few artists working in the gardens, which for sure was not a surprise as the area is so beautiful. It was interesting to see them working, and how different their works were. One man was doing quit modern and strong red colored painting while another one was working more classical piece.



In the picture above you can see the new main building of the Waterschap (regional body responsible for waterways), which is situate just next to the Bouvigne premises.





Even though we did our visit on a open doors day, it did not feel touristic at all. The are felt more like a place where the locals go and enjoy their free time without hurry. The old couple sitting together was for sure one of the most adorable things I saw during our visit. Talk about couple goals, here it is!



The premises is full of small details if you just take your time and start look for them. I example did not realize in the beginning that I was actually walking in a small road covered with seashells, until lady A told me about it. How beautiful is that?


Overall the Bouvigne castle and the gardens were worth of the visit, and we did spend a lovely afternoon there. I hope I could visit the place again in the spring / early summer as I can only imagine how wonderful the gardens are then. Later this week I am sharing another restaurant tip and sharing a nice photo experience from last week. Stay tuned, see you!






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