Playing with camera – ILoveBreda photo walk

After moving to the Netherlands my calendar has been more empty than in years. It was hard to understand in the beginning, that now I finally have time to do all those things I usually can`t do as much as I want – yoga, playing with my camera, blogging, reading, wondering (I love example bookstores, libraries and secondhand stores and could spend hours in them), spending time with people around me and and.. But little by little I have realized that now is the time to do all these things, because life will not, sadly, stay like this forever, and the more busy days are waiting me later again. So I have been filling my free time with everything nice, and my camera has been playing a big role on that. I bought new camera this summer,  and I cannot tell you how much it has been inspiring me! I feel I have SO MUCH to learn when it comes to photography and photo editing, so I try to take advantage on every situation which could help me to become better. And what could be better way to learn than other photographers?


Last week I got the opportunity to participate in I Love Breda photo walk, with 25 Dutch around Breda. I got familiar with I Love Breda via Instagram, and I was super exited when one spot opened to the sold-out photo walk. I have to say, that I was little nervous in the beginning to join the walk, as I had no idea how professional all the others would be, and of course also because I do not speak any Dutch (except Hoi, haha). But the tour ended up being very relaxed, everyone spoke good English and the group was a mix of people from professional photographers to photo lovers who take photos only with their phones. So I would say a good combination, which keeps the level to join also lower. The tour started from Breda railway station 19.30, so just in time for sunset, and ended little after 22.00 in the beautiful hotel Nassau.



But what actually is I Love Breda? The way I see it, it is a strong community just like Breda as a city is. It all started from the personal Instagram page of the founder Patrick Verkoeijen in 2015, so not too long time ago. His Instagram page full of photos from Breda was discovered by fellow townies (loving this word), and the page started fastly gain a lot followers. As there was no good “town account” in Instagram for Breda that time, Patrick decided to change his personal account into I Love Breda – smart! Now the page is home for Breda photos of other Instagrammes, and only occasionally Patrick posts his own photos in the page. To be featured in the page you need to use the hashtag  #ilovebreda.



After growing from 100 to 10 000 followers (AMAZING job) in just one year, the whole concept has been taken into a new level. Now I Love Breda has also it`s own Facebook and Twitter pages, but also a website. I see that even though the core of the concept is still in the community and the followers, I Love Breda is now also providing information about different events and constantly progressing in new ways. The goal is to be more presented in Breda and find new ways with different partners to develop the concept even more. And one of the new ways to be more present in the city, but still stay in line with the photo concept, is the photo walks. The one I attended was now third walk they organized, and it is obvious that there is demand for services like this, as it was sold out just on 36 hours. Every time a new road is planned for the walk, and they try to include also places which normally are not open for visits (example now the hotel Nassaus neo-Gothic chapel).





For me the photo walk was a perfect opportunity to play with my camera. I tend to take photos very similar way most of the time, and from very similar things. This time I was not in charge of what will happen, so it gave to me totally new views to Breda. And of course when you see 25 people around you working from totally different perspectives, you also start to look different way your surroundings. I also tend to take photos only when there is good light, so it was another learning point for me when the sun went down. And in addition to all this, I also borrowed for me totally new objective from lady A, so I got to test something new from that point also. So over all a lot new things for me in one evening.





What about the photos? Well, I have to say I surely did have fun playing with the camera, but I see a lot to improve. But I am happy how different places I ended up photographing, and especially the glass ball photography was totally new thing for me to try out. It was also nice to play little more with the editing, as I usually try to keep photos “neutral”.  So I am showing here a set of photos which are not meant to work together as a harmonious set, and it is more a collection of different things I tried out.








I took many photos when we visited the beautiful hotel Nassau, and especially the chapel was magical. But the quality of the photos are not satisfying me enough to post them here, So I ended up choosing only few photos here. And the chapel definitely is something a photo can`t describe. I also felt it was extremely challenging to make nice photos in the chapel when the lights were changing color constantly.



This photo is cropped from a bigger photo and then I ended up editing it to look almost like a painting. Love it!


Coolest art I have seen in a long time. Could take this to my home anytime!





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