3 things…

October is here, how did this happen? Where did September go? I feel like summer has been going on forever and suddenly it is October. The weather in the Netherlands has been so good the past weeks, that I feel like autumn is only now starting. Crazy! It is currently raining here and I am sitting home alone, drinking new tea I bought earlier this week and feeling lazy. Lazy in a way, that I cannot imagine creating something super amazing here today for you to read. Some time a go I was reading a nice 3 things.. -post from the lovely Avec Sofié blog, and thought it would be nice to do the same sometime. So today in my lazy mood I am sharing with you 3 things, with beautiful doors from the old town of Tallinn.

doorsoftallinn16 (16 of 16)3 things, I like…

  • Fresh flowers. I love fresh flowers because it is such a simple way to bring joy into your life. I also think we should give much more flowers to our loved ones.
  • My life the way it is now. I have not been so happy in my life in a long time as the past weeks. I have interesting studies going on, I have amazing people around me and I finally feel that I have got over all the less nice things in my life.
  • Autumn! I can start to wear scarfs, sweaters, leather jacket, hats and all my leather boots. And I do also like the rainy autumn days when you can just stay in, and listen the rain while drinking hot tea and reading a good book. Ou how I have missed this season!

doorsoftallinn16 (15 of 16)3 things, I don`t like…

  • People who are late. I have been waiting people the past weeks more than ever in my life. I think it is highly disrespectful if you always come late to meetings.
  • Milk. I haven`t drink milk in 15 years, and I don`t think I could finish one glass if you would ask me to. I don`t like the taste and to be honest, I don`t think it is healthy at all.
  • Feeling sick while traveling. I have to always sit in the front when traveling with a car, as it is the only way I don`t feel sick. And same goes when it comes to bus, only front row to me. Sadly I feel also sick in boat / ferry, so water is not my friend when it comes to traveling.

doorsoftallinn16 (14 of 16)3 things, I did in the weekend…

  • I had the best gin&tonic in a long time. There is a nice gin&tonic place Suikerkist in Breda, and we spend a nice evening with friends there. My gin&tonic was called Double you and had Fever-Tree elder flower tonic and raspberries as well as blueberries in it.
  • I cooked pulled pork yesterday, and made burgers from it. It was first time I bought pork here, and I have to say I was little scared of the end result, as the meat was not exactly what I thought I asked. Still need to work the language a little more, hahah!
  • Worked one super inspiring, yet challenging, school project a lot. I have a big deadline in few weeks, and the project is taking much more time I thought. Happily I managed to collect good ideas yesterday, so it is easier now to continue.

doorsoftallinn16 (13 of 16)3 things, I can do…

  • Make fire in a fireplace / sauna stove. After living many years in the “countryside” with my family, you have to be able to do this, or you`ll feel cold. Talk about serious survival skills!
  • Improvise in the kitchen. This is a skill I feel extremely lucky about, because I know there is a lot people who always need a clear recipe and get lost if changes needs to be done. I just need to have idea and then I can improvise from there. And I have to say, 99 times out of 100 I end up doing a good job in the kitchen without following any recipe.
  • Tell my opinions. I think nothing in the world can be changed if people just keep their opinions to themselves. I don`t feel uncomfortable to disagree and speak out, which sometimes may feel  arrogant to others. But I think we need to have rich discussions and different opinions.

doorsoftallinn16 (12 of 16)3 things, I cannot do…

  • I cannot sing at all. I have never been able to sing and I don`t think it is something I could ever learn. Sadly!
  • Do amazing things with make up, and I really hate this. I am so unintelligent when it comes to lipsticks, contouring and all make up things. I would love to use example lipstick more, just don`t handle the colors and techniques at all.
  • Wear colorful clothes. I am black, white & gray kind of person. For me it is extreme if there is any other colors in my clothes, and also many patterns are no no for me. Yesterday I was wearing a new dress which has very neutral toned roses, and I felt totally out of my comfort zone.

doorsoftallinn16 (11 of 16)3 things, I would like to know how to do…

  • Walk smoothly in high heels, because I would love to use high heels more. Especially I would love to use heels more in every day outfits, to give a little more feminine touch.
  • Edit videos. I know very little about this, and I would love to learn even a little more. This way I could also do some video projects, as I dream example about cooking videos.
  • Amazing macarons. I have tried like million time, and still cannot get it right. I love macarons and I can easily say they are one of my all time favorite pastry.

doorsoftallinn16 (10 of 16)3 things, I should do…

  • Start to think where I want to do my second (and last) internship. For this I should refresh my Cv and LinkedIn, but we all know how much work that is. Also the next internship is more important than the previous one, as I hope it will help me to get a job after.
  • Read more everything. Books, articles, magazines, blog, social media and just everything. We have been talking a lot about this at school lately and I feel there is just so much more to learn and know.
  • More yoga. I can see already after few days how much it is affecting to me if I skip yoga, so I should give it again more thought.doorsoftallinn16 (2 of 16)3 things, I am stressing about…
  • Finding a job after my graduation next spring. I have little by little started to realize how close my final graduation is, so I have definitely started to stress about jobs. I know it is a lot about your own attitude, but you never know what is the situation when you are done with your studies.
  • That this autumn will end before I have managed to do everything I have planned. It is constant struggle between things you have to do and things you want to do. I have a lot school related things going on, but same time I also want to travel and see places. I also don`t want to plan too much ahead everything, so I hope I will not run out of time because of this.
  • Not being able to create good enough quality in the school projects I am doing right now. I feel I am expecting a lot from myself but also that the school is expecting a lot. So it is stressing me when there is all this pressure to do something amazing.

doorsoftallinn16 (9 of 16)3 things, that makes me relax…

  • Photo editing. This may sound strange for many, but for me it is super relaxing. Ok, if everything is working smoothly, haha! When I start to edit photos, I totally forget everything around me and focus fully on that. I can do it for hours without getting bored.
  • Walking around. I think I can be much more relaxed while doing something rather than only staying in the bed example.
  • DIY projects. It is like magic and takes everything else away from mind. I think it is the flow mood I got in when I start to do some new project. And I do miss this here in the Netherlands, as I don`t have so much possibilities to do creative projects. It is not the lack of time but lack of materials. I don`t want to buy a lot things for projects, as I have box after box full of materials back in Finland.

doorsoftallinn16 (3 of 16)3 things, I like to wear…

  • Simple and effortless dresses. And in black of course. Black dresses are the cornerstones of my closet as they fit basically in every situation. At the moment I am missing few new autumn/winter versions, so hunt is on!
  • Silver jewelry. I actually have not too many jewelries as I am very picky and use often same small and simple things. I have one favorite watch, few favorite rings and I use almost all the time same earrings. Ou yeah, and now I have a new favorite necklace; old Dutch coin.
  • Contrasts. I love example the combination of girly tulle skirt and leather jacket, or leather skirt with soft sweater. When you use only few colors, I feel it is important to play with textures.doorsoftallinn16 (4 of 16)

3 things, I would`t wear…

  • Adidas all star shoes. I just don`t like them at all, like there is absolute nothing nice in those shoes. And yes, everyone is now wearing them, but I just hate those shoes.
  • Flared pants. I think this has something do with the fact, that they were popular when I was a child. I remember clearly my first ones, and I did like them back then (like 20 years a go almost, hahah) a lot. But I think I am too short for those now, so they would just look everything but nice.
  • Denim shirt / jacket. I like how people combine denim shirts and jackets in their outfits but I cannot imagine wearing them. Especially all denim outfit is something I just don`t understand.

doorsoftallinn16 (5 of 16)3 things, I would like to get…

  • Alexander Wang Rogue, Rocco or Rockie bag. BUT when the price tag has numbers between 900 and 1300 (in euros), I am not getting one of these bags any time soon. Maybe when I get my first “real” job I can spend little money to this crazy bag madness.
  • Black leather dress. I have had obsession to this for a long time already, but just haven`t found the perfect one. I did try few last week, but still not the perfect match. I think it would be so nice later in the autumn with my fur coat.
  • Vintage fur coat. I know this is something that people have very strong opinions about. I personally don`t support fur industry, but I would love to have vintage fur coat.

doorsoftallinn16 (6 of 16)3 things, I am dreaming of…

  • Traveling to new places. Especially New York and Asia are in my mind. I hope in few years I can travel to these places and see many destinations from my bucket list.
  • Running. I have loved running before a lot, but after I was diagnosed with asthma I have been struggling with sports a lot. But I hope little by little I can start to run again and one day run a marathon.
  • Having a beautiful home with small garden. I know this is something really big, and not happening in the near future, but I do dream about my own home. Maybe I could do a little inspiration post about this topic later. Dreaming is already half way there right?

doorsoftallinn16 (7 of 16)3 things, I am scared of…

  • Being so far from my loved once as you never know what will happen. I worry example about my grandparents, because they start to be really old. So I am sad I cannot visit them often right now, and if something bad would happen I cannot go to them as fast as I hope.
  • Darkness. This is something I have been scared as long as I can remember. When I was a child I remember leaving the lights on when I went to sleep because I was so scared of the darkness. And few years a go while living with my mam in the countryside I had one of those nightlights, haha! I think it is the unknown in darkness making me scared.
  • Not being good enough for the things I want to do in life. I have big dreams example about future career goals, but I keep feeling I should be so much better to even apply to those positions. There is in certain things big perfectionist living in me, which makes things difficult, as nothing is good enough. I keep getting good feedback on many things, and still I feel I should do so much better.

doorsoftallinn16 (8 of 16)3 things, I hope will happen in the near future…

  • A lot traveling to the places I have planned to visit. So I think lady A and I have to sit down once again and take the planning to action. Luckily we will have a autumn holiday in the end of this month, so definitely traveling during that week.
  • Dinner party or brunch with friends. I have not organized a nice thing to my friends in a long time, so I hope I will find time to do this soon. So girls when are you free, I want to cook for you
  • Time, place and equipment for recipe planning, testing and photographing. I miss this a lot, and have so many ideas waiting. I would especially love to test out some traditional Dutch recipes and give that way inspiration to you also.

doorsoftallinn16 (1 of 16)

I would appreciate a lot if you could tell me how you liked this kind of post, with more “personal” things. And hey, enjoy October!




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