TBT: BredaPhoto 2016


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Michael Wolf (DEU)

As I did not have time to post about this cool event earlier, I am now taking you back to sunny autumn days and introduce few cool photographers. So it is throwback Thursday time!

What I love in Breda is the amount of different kind of events. It is amazing how this city seems to be hosting totally different events almost every week. This autumn for 7 weeks Breda was hosting BredaPhoto 2016 event, which brought 80 000 visitors to see the work of 73 photographers in 15 different venues and 47 events. AMAZING!! I was originally planning to visit much more events


Alone (2016) – Károly Effenberger


Why I Love Tattoos – Ralf Mitsch (DEU

BredaPhoto was happening around the city for 7 weeks, and this years theme was YOU. It is a international photo festival that is organized since 2003 in Breda, with help of local volunteers. The festival offers a mixture of work from fresh and already widely known artists. And what I liked a lot, was how the events were also a mixture of different kind of things for a different kind of visitors. Something for those who just want to look something interesting for free around the city for a afternoon, and same time something for professionals, students and others who would like to enjoy afternoon in a workshop or take part of interesting conversations. Amazing amount of things, and as it all happened in a long period of time, you did not feel pressure to see everything in one weekend.


Why I Love Tattoos – Ralf Mitsch (DEU)


The appleseed necklace – Alexey Shlyk

All works presented in the festival were linked somehow to the theme YOU and I cannot tell how interesting photos and stories there were. Each photographer had so different style, and I realized once again how there is no right and wrong when it comes to photography. Look example the work of Michael Wolf, so amazing and so unique! I am still feeling so inspired, and I definitely found many new names to follow.


Why I Love Tattoos – Ralf Mitsch (DEU

bredaphoto2016 (4 of 14).jpg

Michael Wolf (DEU)


Why I Love Tattoos – Ralf Mitsch (DEU

I think there is no need me to more analyze the work I saw, and I hope that the photos will give you some inspiration. I also linked all the artist, so please go and check more their work as there is AMAZING things! I loved how they had mixed new and “old” photographers, as this is a nice opportunity to show your work. And especially nice were all the stories explaining the photos, as it gave so much more understanding. Some stories I was reading before i look the photos, but sometimes I did it other way around, as then it was interesting to see, if I had understood the work the way the artist was thinking. But like in any art, I think it is beautiful how differently we see and feel about things we experience.


The appleseed necklace – Alexey Shlyk


Scrublands – Antoine Bruy (FRA)


Scrublands – Antoine Bruy (FRA)


l’Ange Blanc (The White Angel) – Niels Ackermann (CH)


CARAVAN – Pauline Niks and Jesse Cremers

bredaphoto2016 (9 of 14).jpg

Michael Wolf (DEU)


CARAVAN – Pauline Niks and Jesse Cremers


How to Be a Photographer in Four Lessons – Thomas Van Den Driessche (BE)

The work of Thomas Van Den Driessche was one of my favorites, as it was so different. And of course because it had a little link to Helsinki.


How to Be a Photographer in Four Lessons – Thomas Van Den Driessche (BE)


Aeronautics in the backyard – Xiaoxiao Xu (CHN)


Absolutely delicious lunch! I was positively surprised and keep dreaming of blue-cheese and pear still every now and then. Why is it that you eat something nice somewhere and never remember to try the same things home?


Everyday Annoyances – Bianca Sistermans (NLD)





Michael Wolf (DEU)


Michael Wolf (DEU)



The appleseed necklace – Alexey Shlyk




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