A small Adventure – First anniversary


Exactly one year a go I published my first post here, how exiting! I had a blog also before, but it had been in a silent mode for a long time. I kind of wanted to continue, but the platform, writing language and visuals did not inspire me at all. Luckily I had a school project last autumn, which pushed me to develop my old blog, and in the end I actually created totally new concept – A small Adventure. My own domain name, new visuals and more clear content (at least I hope, haha) did the trick, and the past year I have been blogging more or less every week.  I try to keep getting better all the time with everything here, and could not be any happier about this hobby! Well, a more time to do this would make me happier..maybe one day?bdaycake-5-of-8

Even though I enjoy writing, photographing and tell you stories from my travels and every day moments, I cannot highlight enough how important every single one of you are to me! Without you reading my blog and sharing the moments with me, there would not be any point of doing this. So thank you for coming over and over again here, and see what I have to say and show to you. I would love to get to know you all at least little better, so I would appreciate, if you could leave a comment to this post, and tell me who you are! And if you have any questions, or wishes what I could write about, please share it with me. You are the ones that keeps me going with this!


By the way, the cake in these photos is not for the first anniversary, but it was made by me to my man friend few weeks a go. He had a birthday, and I wanted to make him the most amazing cake I know so far. It was a lemon-raspberry mouse cake, with two soft chocolate layers inside (sadly I have no photos of the cake from the inside, it was pretty). And I ended up doing a little a crazy, over the top decoration – of course!




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