Where to go next – travel dreams 2017

I have been back in Finland less than two weeks, and I am already dreaming where to go next. This year will be the first one in a long time, when I can plan all my traveling based on my own schedule and wishes. Don’t understand me wrong, I loved those years full of trips to Italy, but I also start to love the fact, that now I can travel where ever I want. Because, even thought I wanted to go Italy all those times, same time I was always thinking, how nice it would have been, to travel somewhere else also. As I will be located in Helsinki more permanently now (more of this coming up here tomorrow), I decided that this will be the year, when I finally see more Scandinavia. As funny it may sound, I have actually traveled surprisingly little in our neighboring countries. So Scandinavia in my mind – that will be the theme of my travel year 2017!


photos from unsplash.comStockholm, Copenhagen, Norway, Lapland

I know there are many different opinions about the definition of Scandinavia, and a lot people do not consider example Finland as a part of Scandinavia (I do) and definitely does not count Denmark part of it (not sure about my opinion). But as I wanted to have all the main destinations in my mind in one post,  I included them all to my Scandinavia theme.  And where does my dreams take me? Stockholm in Sweden, somewhere in the mountains of Norway, Copenhagen and more around my home country Finland.

photo 12

I have visited Stockholm last time in 1989 – how crazy is that? It is so close to Helsinki, and still I never seem to find time to go there. But this year I want to finally make the trip, and preferably spend a long summer weekend in Stockholm.

photo 12

Copenhagen was on my original travel list for last year, but I postponed the plan, as I was moving to the Netherlands. We even had a short talk about visiting the city from the Netherlands with lady A., but in the end never did it. So it is time to find my Copenhagen travel guide again, and start to plan city trip.

photo 12

I think Norway and the amazing nature with mountains sounds like a perfect trip when you need to take some time off from the city life. I am dreaming about the beautiful Lofoten (who does not?), but would be happy to go basically anywhere in Norway. Maybe a combined trip of Oslo and the nature around it could be a good trip, but same time I am not sure I need to see the city, when I am dreaming about the nature. Have to ask tips from my Norwegian friend!

photo 123

And then there is my Finland – how much there is still to see here? I have actually never visited Lapland, so I hope I could make a trip there this year. There is also many beautiful summer cities I would love to visit again, and so many natural parks I definitely want to go. Last summer I also realized how amazing my home city Helsinki is, so it is time to continue the adventures there!

Where do you want to travel this year? And any Scandinavia tips?




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