Hello new home!


I have a beautiful new home in Helsinki, and I could not be more exited about this!! My original plan was to stay in the Netherlands till the end of January, but I actually came back to Finland already few days before Christmas. I decided, that I am done with roommates, temporary solutions and having all my things in million places. So I started apartment hunting, which to be honest, in the beginning felt more difficult than winning the lotto. I wanted good looking studio apartment from Helsinki, with reasonable rent and good location. How difficult that could be? Everything available seem to  be everything else than what I was looking for. But then somehow this beautiful small home with ok rent,  from a nice location (Kallio) came available. With numerous emails, my friends help and spending way too much time on the application, I ended up getting that apartment.  Hard work definitely paid off, and today I got the keys to my new home!

apartment_empty (3 of 11).jpg

The apartment is in old art nouveau (jugend) building, and it has been fully renovated last year. The apartment is small (it is a studio after all), but the space has been used good. There is loft bed, which leaves the room free for everything else, and I have surprisingly huge closet for all my things. But, less space than before means, that it is time to get less stuff, so I think I should finally get that KonMari book, or what do you think?

apartment_empty (10 of 11).jpg

I am moving in during the next days, and I am beyond exited about all the interior projects I can do with this home. I already have so many ideas, and I cannot wait to share them with you. Because this new home of mine, will be present a lot here also, I created a new category “interior”, so it would be easier for you to find all related posts. You find it from the main page, next to other categories.

Stay tuned, interior ideas coming here soon!



P.S Finally we got SNOW here, I am so happy about that!!!


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