New home, new interior style

I rented my first studio apartment in 2008, and I am same time sad and happy, that I cannot show to you how it was decorated. I loved that time strong colors, and used a lot dark red. In my second home I even painted the kitchen cabinets with dark red color, I remember that the color was called pomegranate. Those times I also tried a lot different styles, as I was working in a clothes shop, and new trends were coming and going all the time. But after those years, my style has been going more and more simple and minimalist, and every time I wear some other color than black, people around me are shocked. My two last studios were one of those extremely white (with hint of black) Scandinavian inspired homes.


During my stay in the Netherlands I saw so much different styles, and got so much inspiration from people, shops, homes of my friends, bars, magazines and basically from everywhere. There was nothing boring, nothing too white and simple, and same time nothing too much. And suddenly all white everything in interior is not appealing to me anymore. A part of personal growth maybe? I did buy also red, gray and beige (yeas me!!) clothes this autumn. So how will be the interior in my new home? Definitely not white on white, but blush pink, gray and gold!


I have no idea where did I get this color combination into my mind, as it so unusual combination for me. But it feel so fresh, and something different. I want my home to feel home, cozy and soft. I want to have blushed soft tones, and for contrast some golden details and green from plants. I have loft bed in my new home, the sofa in the picture I already bought, my DIY lamp project got inspiration from the lamp in the mood-boar I made, and the carpet you can see from the photos. I have so many ideas, and I am so exited how the apartment will look later. I will not do everything at once, but I have already a lot new things for this home.


The kitchen is white and simple, and I will use there also some golden details, and “crystal”, so that it would fit better with the other parts of my small apartment.  And like you can see from the photo below, the bathroom is dark gray/ white, so I can easily use the same color palette there also.

So what do you think about my plans so far? Tomorrow I have to go buy few missing things, so that I can spend all the weekend unpacking without stress. I already went to clean the new home and check what I am missing already. Exited, almost moving day!!




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