Creativity is a state of mind


For some reason, I have been very nervous to share this project here, as I haven´t done anything like this before. I do a lot of creative projects, and I share a lot my work, but somehow this one feels different. In general, I don’t think myself as a very artistic person, but I decided to give it a try. And why is that? Well, like many times in life, I had clear ideas for my art wall, but could not find what I was looking for. Now when I think about it, is not a huge surprise as I had specific size and color scheme in mind. I also wanted to test my creativity in a new way, and stop thinking that there is something I can´t do.



For my first painting, I used acrylic paints and I chose five basic colors, which I then mixed for more shades. This was my first work, so I did not want to spend money on super expensive paints, as I had no idea if I could create what I had in my mind.  I was trying to keep the overall feeling light, but also to create little depth with gray and gold. It is kind of taking all the colors I am using in my interior at the moment into one. I really like the end results, and have some more ideas I want to test out later.



I wanted to add this quote from Mary Lou Cook here, as it kind of makes it very clear to me, that this was truly a creative process. And that even if sometimes I feel I am not that creative I want to be, I can be if I just believe it. We should try more, test new things, not to be afraid to fail, try different things, take the risk and in the end, realize how much fun you can have. For me, creativity is a state of mind, and we all have it in us if we just give it a chance?


I would love to hear what you think about this? And also would you be interested to read more about creativity? I studied the topic a lot in the Netherlands, so I think have a word or two to say about it.




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