Money well spend – museum card

This year I have visited already more museums in Helsinki than in the past few years together. I can’t say, that I have always been this interested in museums, but I have always enjoyed visiting them. Helsinki has so many museums and I feel like there is at the moment so many interesting exhibitions going on. But to be honest, even with the student discount it is not a very cheap hobby. A single visit can easily cost close to 15€, and even though I want to support culture, I just can’t afford to go several times a month to different exhibitions. Luckily there is nowadays a solution to this – museum card!


I can easily say, that this yellow card is the best purchase I have made this year. I paid 64,90€ for a 12-month subscription, and I can visit 230 different museums around Finland as many times I want. The only limitation is, that you can’t visit the same museum more than once a day. But camoon, why would I need to visit the same place twice a day? If single museum ticket cost 10 to 15 euros, the card has paid itself back after five-six visits. I keep wondering how they can keep the price to low, and same time I am happy that the price is kept accessible. If the card would cost example 200€ I don’t think I would have bought it that easily.



This is also a super nice gift idea, and we example bought this card for my brother last Christmas. I personally like to give more experiences than goods to people around me, and always try to think something we could do together. This card gives joy for a full year with little money, so win-win situation from my opinion. And it is not only art museums you can visit with it, there is so much more! I do believe that everyone can enjoy with this, and maybe even try something new they would not normally go and see. Or what you think about this concept?




// Tämän vuoden paras ostos on ehdottomasti ollut museokortti!


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