About me

Hi there,

I am Laura, a half-Finnish, half-Estonian dreamer* from Finland. I get easily inspired from everything beautiful, and have a special crush towards flowers, good coffee, clean eating, DIY-projects and spontaneous adventures.

I have grown up in a multi cultural environment and I consider myself as a citizen of the world! I absolutely love Finland and all the four season we have, but also Estonia, and specially Tallinn is dear to me. I lived one amazing year in Italy 2011-2012, and that country and culture will always keep a special place in my heart. But there is more, as I spend autumn 2016 in the Netherlands studying and living in beautiful Breda. I am currently based in Helsinki, but I do believe, that my future will be full of traveling, and hopefully also living around the world.

A small Adventure is full of stories from my trips, kitchen and every day moments. I want to share the moments of my life with you, so that I could bring the happiness I feel in life to others also. This blog is my hobby, a way to be creative and share different things. A visual portfolio, to show how I see the world.

I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I do.



*“Dreaming after all, is form of planning.” -Gloria Steinem