One month to Christmas -inspiration x 5


I truly cannot believe that Christmas is here in one month – why the last months of the year always seem to fly by so fast? Christmas in by no means my favorite holiday of the year, and I love doing different DIY projects for the holiday season. I make Christmas cards every year myself, add some decoration, spend ridiculous amount of time designing how to pack gifts, make advent calendar, door wreath, candle and flower arrangements and and and..the list is endless! So what I try to say is, that I love the holiday season and all the small projects you can do around it. But the sad part of this year is, that I am not having actual home, where to do all these projects, and all my crafting materials are in Finland. So I still need to figure out, if I can do something, or is this going to be the first project free holiday for me in years. How sad is that?


As today is Thursday I decided to do a little combination of throwback Thursday and Christmas inspiration. I listed here from last year few DIY project I did, and two small gift ideas, as many of us are having a lot small Christmas parties the upcoming weeks.

If you need inspiration for Christmas cards or a Christmas themed decoration, check Christmas DIY – Golden reindeer -post. For a simple Advent calendar Old favorite can give you an idea, and if you want to have a little green in your decoration check out the Green and rustic


If you need a small gift, check Sweet luxury and Surprising combinationsLakrids has their new tastes for this year (amazing again, saw the pop up -boutique in Dusseldorf few weeks a go), and all the products of Nicolas Vahe are not only tasting, but also looking amazing (if you are in Finland, go check Cobello for these and so many other amazing gift ideas). From my opinion, two easy and still luxurious gift ideas!



Have you started to prepare for the upcoming season already?




Green and rustic


christmassetting (1 of 5)

Our home is very simple when it comes to the colors. We have a lot white with shades of gray and would not want it any other way, as it is so dark here in the winter. I like to add seasonal colors all around the year to the interior but in a way that it is still looking harmonious. I usually do not like to add too much things in, but for sure Christmas is exception.  I could cover all the apartment with seasonal details, I just have to hold it down little as hubby is not so exited to live in winter wonder land.

christmassetting (2 of 5)

When the big elements have harmonious colors it is easy to add little contrast to the interior. I made to the living room table a small setting from few very simple elements. I love the contrast of fresh green and rustic pots in the white interior. I use these old pots quit often as they have nice old vibes and I like that all plants in the apartment have same style in the pots.

christmassetting (3 of 5)

What I did here is that I bought a small room pine and collected some moss from the forest near by. I also got one big white candle and some white simple decorations fitting to the theme. The end results I think is fresh, rustic, seasonal and same time so simply beautiful. And this setting cost me only the pine (local shop sold these with less than 5€) and a trip to the forest as I had everything else already. It is important to me to use the things I already have home, not always buy new seasonal things.

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christmassetting (5 of 5)




// Olohuoneen pöydältä löytyy jouluinen asetelma – vihreää ja vanhaa kontrastiksi vaaleaan sisutukseemme.

Old favorite

This morning I realized it is the first advent – somehow it always surprises me. For me the meaning of advent is not related to church but more to the holiday season and its different tradition before 24th of December when we celebrate Christmas.   I love how each week brings us more close to the seasons highlight and the upcoming four weeks will be full of Christmas related events, shopping and preparations.

adventcalender (2 of 8)

Few years a go I made small DIY project and created very simple advent chandelier. I have been using that same one each year ever since and thought this year to make something different. But like said the first advent totally surprised me this morning, so I decided to use the old favorite once again and show it to you also (in the photos 2013 version).

adventcalender (3 of 8)

adventcalender (4 of 8)

adventcalender (8 of 8)

This chandelier is so easy to make and part of the original project was first to drink fours bottles of Blossa mulled wine (glögi) to get empty bottles. For sure you can use any empty bottle but I just like how the Blossa bottles are and for me this time of the year is so much more easier to finish fours bottles of mulled wine than red wine. Yeas, I have addiction to mulled wine but who does not this time of the year?

adventcalender (7 of 8)

After I painted the bottles black with spray paint and let them dry. I bought metallic number tags and velvet ribbon to hang the numbers from the neck of the bottle. I also bought four candle rings so the stearine would not ruin the bottles. First year I used gray candles, last year I used black ones and this year I am using beeswax candles which are giving very special scent. So simple and easy project which works year after year.

Have you set up your advent chandelier and started the holiday season?