One month to Christmas -inspiration x 5


I truly cannot believe that Christmas is here in one month – why the last months of the year always seem to fly by so fast? Christmas in by no means my favorite holiday of the year, and I love doing different DIY projects for the holiday season. I make Christmas cards every year myself, add some decoration, spend ridiculous amount of time designing how to pack gifts, make advent calendar, door wreath, candle and flower arrangements and and and..the list is endless! So what I try to say is, that I love the holiday season and all the small projects you can do around it. But the sad part of this year is, that I am not having actual home, where to do all these projects, and all my crafting materials are in Finland. So I still need to figure out, if I can do something, or is this going to be the first project free holiday for me in years. How sad is that?


As today is Thursday I decided to do a little combination of throwback Thursday and Christmas inspiration. I listed here from last year few DIY project I did, and two small gift ideas, as many of us are having a lot small Christmas parties the upcoming weeks.

If you need inspiration for Christmas cards or a Christmas themed decoration, check Christmas DIY – Golden reindeer -post. For a simple Advent calendar Old favorite can give you an idea, and if you want to have a little green in your decoration check out the Green and rustic


If you need a small gift, check Sweet luxury and Surprising combinationsLakrids has their new tastes for this year (amazing again, saw the pop up -boutique in Dusseldorf few weeks a go), and all the products of Nicolas Vahe are not only tasting, but also looking amazing (if you are in Finland, go check Cobello for these and so many other amazing gift ideas). From my opinion, two easy and still luxurious gift ideas!



Have you started to prepare for the upcoming season already?




Girly stripes – Graduation party invitations

One of the things I have been waiting most in my graduation is of course the graduation party. I believe that people celebrate here in Finland way too little everything, and especially when you get older there is fewer and fewer occasions to host a big party. So I decided that I will spend one summer day with my family and friends, to celebrate one of the biggest achievements of my life so far. And ca-moon, who does not love a summer party?

invitation (1 of 13)

I can easily say, that 99% of the time I choose black and white. Those are my colors, they have been for a long time and I believe they also will be till the end of my life. But something strange happened when I started to finally plan my graduation party and first time ever I have ended up to create a party theme around pink and gold. Yeas, two very girly and unexpected colors if you know me at all. I chose two different shades of pink and metallic gold. These three colors will be following my party from the invitations to the cake and everything between. But before sharing any more ideas and details, let`s start from the invitations.

invitation (4 of 13)

For the invitations I collected inspiration from Pinterest and put together few different ideas.  First the plan was to make the invitations with Photoshop or Illustrator and print them, but I wanted the invitations to look as much hand painted as possible. So as a crazy person I ended up painting each invitation by myself. I bought three water-based, silk matt acrylic paints and spend few evenings painting. I used three different size of brushes and blank A6 size cards.

invitation (5 of 13)

invitation (6 of 13)

I painted with three different colors the covers of the cards. I let them dry till the next day and then painted with gold a frame for the page where I wanted to write the text. Then I left the invitations to dry one more night before writing the text in the cover and inside.

invitation (7 of 13)

invitation (8 of 13)

I wanted to keep relaxed feeling so I used little messy handwriting and in the end highlighted with pink few parts. I did the same also in the envelopes and highlighted the names to keep the touch all the way to the end. I know, sounds crazy but for me little details matter. And to be honest, I also ended up writing text invitation in the bag of the envelopes with tiny handwriting..hups!

invitation (12 of 13)

invitation (13 of 13)

Next I wait people to RSVP to the invitation so I can start to plan the menu and other things. I will be having “two parties” in one day as I ended up inviting a lot people. So I will be having a day party for my relatives and then in the evening another party for my friends. Can`t wait! How did you like my invitations?


DIY Valentines day card

valentinesdayCard (1 of 13)

Last week I was collecting some inspiration for Valentines day cards, and especially for cards more suitable for friends than lovers. It made me wonder how different all the relationships in life are and I realized there is no reason why hearts should not be send to your friends. So I ended up using huge amount of hearts and could not be happier about my choice.

valentinesdayCard (5 of 13)

For the cards I used heart shaped cutter which I bought some years a go when I needed to make four wedding cards in one summer. You can see the style of the Wedding card from my old blog and more detailed pictures of the making process of these lovely hearts. For these cards I ended up using 9 different colors for the hearts, all bright and lovely colors perfect for the theme.

valentinesdayCard (7 of 13)

As you can see from here I did not glue the hearts to the cards but I used two sided 3D- stickers which gives this flow effect. I like to use them as they give much more structure even to the most simple elements, like these hears.

valentinesdayCard (8 of 13)

I used stamps for the cover text and wrote in Finnish “Ystävälle” which means “To a friend”. I wanted to keep it simple but I felt the car would have been too bold without any text. And for the inside I ended up writing something with black pen, even though I had first planned to stamp the inside text also. But you know, sometimes you just feel too lazy to stamp letter by letter long texts so..:)

valentinesdayCard (10 of 13)

valentinesdayCard (12 of 13)

valentinesdayCard (13 of 13)

I hope you will use the opportunity and send someone special a card to remind them how important they are to you. In Finland the cards must be send latest 10th of February if you want the card to arrive before V- day. Have a lovely new week,