Easter cake – white chocolate and mango

For me, there is no easter without something sweet with mango. Usually, we make delicious cinnamon buns where we add mango and curd cheese to the middle, but this year I wanted something different. I combined fresh mango with white chocolate and the end result is this fresh easter cake. It is actually more simple to do (once again) than it may seem, and most of the time the cake is just cooling in the fridge. So you don´t have to do so much, mostly enjoy the delicious cake!



I have been posting all my recipes in English here, as the language of my blog is English. But after posting a picture of this cake on my Instagram account, I have received quite a many quiestions about the recipe. As most of those people are Finns, I decided that this time I write the recipe here in both languages. I hope it does not look too messy!


Mango – white chocolate cake

Serves 10-12 // time 1h active, 8h passive  // ø 18 cm cake tin


Cake base / Pohja

175 g Bastogne biscuits // 175g Bastogne keksejä
75g  butter // 75g voita

Filling / Täyte

5 gelatine sheets  // 5 liivatelehteä
200-250 g fresh mango // 200-250g tuoretta mangoa
250g white chocolate // 250 g valkosuklaata
400 ml whipping cream //  4 dl kuohukermaa
200g cream cheese // 200g maustamatonta tuorejuustoa
200g curd cheese  // 200g maustamatonta rahkaa
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar // 2tl vaniljasokeria
100g sugar // 1 dl sokeria
1 tablespoon lemon juice // 1 rkl sitruunamehua

Glace / Kiille
5 gelatine sheets // 5 liivatelehteä
300 ml mango pyree // 3 dl mango sosetta
200 ml sparkling wine // 2 dl kuohuviiniä (voit käyttää myös alkoholitonta)
100 g sugar // 1 dl sokeria
1table spoon lemon juice // 1 rkl sitruunamehua

Decoration // koristelu
200 g white chocolate // 200 g valkosuklaata
groundcherries // ananaskirsikoita





Cake base // pohja 

  • Put the biscuits into a strong, clean plastic bag and crush into fine mixture
    • laita keksit esimerkiksi pussiin ja murskaa hienoksi 
  • Melt the butter
    • sulata voi 
  • Combine crushed biscuits and butter and make smooth mixture
    • Yhdistä keksinmurut ja voi tasaiseksi massaksi
  • Place baking paper on the bottom of the baking tin
    • Laita leivinpaperi irtopohjavuoan pohjalle
  • Press the mixture with your hand evenly to the bottom of the baking tin
    • Painele seos tasaisesti vuoan pohjalle 
  • Put in the refrigerator
    • Laita jääkaappiin 

Filling // täyte 

  • Peel mango and cut into small pieces
    • Kuori mango ja pilko se pieniksi paloiksi
  • Place the gelatine sheets into cold water
    • Laita liivatelehdet kylmään veteen
  • Melt the white chocolate in a water bath
    • Sulata valkosuklaa vesihauteessa
  • Whip cream and sugar into sturdy cream
    • Vatkaa kerma ja sokerit jämäkäksi vaahdoksi
  • Add to the mixture curd cheese and cream cheese and mix until smooth
    • Lisää seokseen tuorejuusto sekä rahka ja sekoita tasaiseksi
  • Add melted chocolate to the mixture, remeber to stir constantly
    • Lisää sula suklaa nauhana koko ajan sekoittaen
  • Heat the lemon juice and squeeze the gelatine sheets dry
    • Lämmitä sitruunamehu ja purista liivatelehdet kuiviksi
  • Add the gelatine sheets into hot lemonjuice and mix until the mixture is smooth
    • Lisää liivatelehdet kuumaan sitruunamehuun ja sekoita kunnes seos on tasainen
  • Add the mixture to the cheese-cream mixture and stir constantly
    • Lisää nauhana koko ajan sekoittaen
  • Add 2/3 of the filling to the top of the base
    • Lisää 2/3 täytteestä pohjan päälle
  • Add mango pieces and mix gently
    • Lisää mango palat ja sekoita varovasti
  • Add rest of the filling and smooth the top
    • Lisää loput täytteestä ja tasoita pinta
  • Allow to cool in the fridge at least 4 hours
    • Anna jähmettyä kylmässä vähintään 4 tuntia

Glace // kiille

  • Place the gelatine sheets into cold water
    • Laita liivatelehdet likoamaan kylmään veteen
  • Make a smooth mix from the mango pyree, sugar and sparkling wine
    • Sekoita tasaiseksi mangosose, sokeri ja kuohuviini
  • Heat the lemon juice and squeeze the gelatine sheets dry
    • Lämmitä sitruunamehu ja purista liivatelehdet kuiviksi
  • Add the gelatine sheets into hot lemonjuice and mix until the mixture is smooth
    • Lisää liivatelehdet kuumaan sitruunamehuun ja sekoita kunnes seos on tasainen
  • Pour the mixture over the filling
    • Kaada seos jähmettyneen täytteen päälle
  • Allow to cool in the fridge at least 3 hours
    • Anna hyytyä vähintään 3 tuntia

Decorations // koristelu

  • Melt the chocolate in a water bath
    • Sulata suklaa vesihauteessa
  • Transfer your melted chocolate to piping bag, use small-headed tip
    • Laita sula suklaa pursotuspussiin, ja käytä pienipäistä tyllaa
  • Pipe the chocolate to the top
    • Pursota suklaata nauhoina kakun päälle
  • Let cool for a moment
    • Anna jähmettyä hetki
  • Add few ground cherries for the final touch
    • Lisää lopuksi muutama ananaskirsikka kakun päälle 



Mango glace is something that easily turns into “ugly” dark orange. I wanted to keep it fresh looking, so that’s why I added some sparkling wine into it. And if you are afraid the children eating cake with alcohol, just then use non-alcoholic wine. I also realised that the white chocolate decoration in the top will break in an ugly way when you cut the cake. So if you want to avoid this, you can also use white chocolate ganache, which stays much softer.


What is your favorite easter dessert?



// Raikas mango -valkosuklaa juustokakku pääsiäiseksi!



Tiramisu inspired chocolate cake

I think that people around me deserves the most amazing cakes there are in this world. So I use selfishly each possibility there is, to make cakes for my loved ones. Luckily I have two brothers, and one of them happened to have birthday last weekend. Crazy cake lady was let loose, and I ended up creating tiramisu inspired soft chocolate mousse cake for him. And ou boy what a cake it was! If it looked super nice, it definitely did also taste nice. To make this cake it took me in the end three day, BUT please don´t get scared of that! I just think it it better to do it in three parts, so then it takes in the end actually less time, when you can split the work, and make each part carefully.


My original goal with this recipe was to turn tiramisu into a cake, but sadly it was not as tiramisu tasting as it may look. It ended up being more chocolate cake than tiramisu cake, but nevertheless, it tasted amazing. The classical cake base, which I moistened with strong espresso was perfect with the soft chocolate mousse. The mousse was not too heavy, and I used egg yolks instead of gelatin to keep the mousse as soft as possible. For the topping I used two other classical tiramisu ingredients: mascarpone cheese and Marsala wine. The mix did not have super strong flavor, so if you want a really strong taste then use little extra Marsala.



Tiramisu inspired chocolate cake

Serves 12-15 // time 240min + 12h  // ø 23 cm cake tin


Cake base

  • 5 eggs (room temp.)
  • 250 g sugar
  • 120 g wheat flour
  • 40 g potato flour
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder

Chocolate mousse 

  • 250 g cream cheese
  • 85 g sugar
  • 1 tea spoon of vanilla sugar
  • hint of ground vanilla
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 300 ml double cream
  • 300 g dark chocolate


  • 125 g mascarpone
  • 100 ml double cream
  • 1 table spoon of Marsala wine
  • 20-30 g icing sugar
  • 300 g Savoiardi cookies
  • 150 g dark chocolate
  • 150 g milk chocolate
  • ~200 ml strong espresso
  • ribbon




DAY 1 // Cake base 

PREHEAT the oven into 175 degrees (C)

FOAM sugar and the eggs until you get nice stiff foam

MIX wheat flour, potato flour and baking powder

WITH SCRAPER add the flour-baking powder mix little by little to the bowl where you have the sugar-egg foam.

Hint// I always use sieve to add the flours so that it can be added smoothly

GREASE cake tin with butter  and pour in the dough

BAKE 40 minutes

LET COOL completely and cover

DAY 2 // chocolate mousse and putting together 

PREPARE the coffee

CUT the cake base into two equally thick pieces

WHIP the cream

MIX cream cheese, both sugars, ground vanilla and yolk into a smooth mix

MELT the chocolate

ADD the melted chocolate into the mix

ADD gently whipper cream

PLACE one of the cake base pieces into a springform pan

MOISTEN it with espresso

ADD the chocolate mousse and smooth

PLACE the second piece of cake base and moisten also with espresso

COVER and let stay in the fridge until the next day

DAY 3 // decorating 

GRATE chocolate

WHIP the cream

MIX whipped cream with mascarpone, ground vanilla, Marsala wine and icing sugar

APPLY the mixture evenly over the top and sides of the cake

ADD Savoiardi cookies around the cake

HINT // cut a little from the bottom of each cookie if it looks that they are too high for                  your cake

ADD grated chocolate to the top

TIED the ribbon around the cake for the final touch





Let´t me know how you like the birthday cake I made for my brother, it was a fun project!



Sunday food – Spelt gnocchi with pumpkin sauce


I don’t know about you, but I connect some dishes to a specific weekday. Like example easy and maybe little ‘unhealthy’ foods like nachos are Saturday food and slow cooked, little ‘better’ dishes are Sunday food. Does this sound totally crazy or are you doing the same? Nevertheless, today I am sharing a recipe which for me is definitely a Sunday food –  home made spelt gnocchi with pumpkin sauce.


Gnocchi is from my opinion delicious, yet so underrated. Some have been eating only the ready made version from a supermarket, others are every now and then dreaming that one delicious moment in Italy and wondering what was it you actually were eating, while the rest have never ever even heard about gnocchi. And then there are us, who few times a year spend one long Sunday afternoon making gnocchi from the scratch. It sounds for many like a super difficult dish to make, with way too many steps, but actually it is easier than you could think. And I could easily see this as a food, you do together with your friends or family, as then you can all participate and spend a fun moment together.


Spelt gnocchi with pumpkin sauce

Serves 4 // time 60 + 120 min. // dairy free



  • 1 kg potatoes
  • 3-4 dl spelt flour
  • 80 g Parmesan cheese
  • 10 ml salt
  • 5 ml black pepper
  • 2,5 ml nutmeg
  • olive oil

Pumpkin sauce

  • 500-600 g pumpkin (I used the classical sugar pumpkin)
  • olive oil
  • 1 onion
  • 3 garlic gloves
  • 200 ml cooking cream (normal cooking cream or soy / oat cream)
  • 250 ml water + 30 ml organic vegetable bouillon powder
  • 30 ml butter
  • fresh sage
  • fresh thyme
  • salt

+ bacon



BOIL unpeeled potatoes until done

PEEL the warm potatoes (I used fork to hold the potato when I was peeling them)

STRAIN or squeeze peeled potatoes through a sieve, using a spoon. More warm the potatoes are, more easy it is to do this

LET the potato pyre cool down in the fridge

PREHEAT the oven into 180 degrees (C)

CUT the pumpkin into smaller pieces (approximately 2 cm)

PLACE the slices into a baking tray cover with baking paper, and add little olive oil in the top

ROAST until the slices look golden – around 45 minutes depending how thick the slices are

PEEL the slices and make a puree

FRY cut onion and crushed garlic in a butter

ADD pumpkin pyre, herbs, water and the vegetable bouillon powder and the cream

LET boil for 15 minutes

ADD all the other ingredients and MIX

WORK the dough with a kitchen machine, or by your hands few minutes, until the dough starts to be dense and does not stick to your hands

SPLIT the dough into smaller parts and ROLL finger-thick rods.

CUT the rods into “pillow shaped” two centimeter long pieces. You may want to press them with a fork pattern, so that later the sauce sticks.

BOIL water in a big pot and season with salt

COOK small portions of gnocchi in a time. They are ready when they float to the top. This takes only 3-4 minutes

LIFT them into a bowl with a skimmer, and mix with a small amount of olive oil.

HEAT up the pumpkin sauce and fry bacon

SERVE with fresh thyme and Parmesan



I want to point out, that normally gnocchi is made from regular wheat flour, but I waned to try something different here. I used organic spelt flour, and the end results was not as delicious as it could have been. Spelt has a quite strong taste from my opinion, and you have to be even more careful on getting the right amount of flour, as the texture is little different. The taste was good, but you can definitely taste the spelt and even though I really like it, here it was not the best decision.  So feel free to use wheat flour instead, as the recipe will work with that also.



Tip! You can make a lot at once and then freeze the ones you don’t want to eat. But freeze then raw, and place a baking paper between layers when you place them in a box. This way it is easier for you to use them later.




Enjoy rest of your Sunday!