Easy coffee table transformation


When I knew I would be moving to my studio apartment, the amount of time I spend in Pinterest was crazy. Luckily I had a holiday before my moving day, so we can just say that time well spend right? I wanted to find ideas how to style small apartment, and seek inspiration for furniture also. I only had a kitchen table, so needed to find quite many things, such as sofa and coffee table. First I thought I could find a nice small coffee table made from marble, but the prices were quite high, so I wanted to rethink the idea. And then suddenly I remembered, that my mam had bought some years a go cool set of three small tables from the flee market. Luckily she did not need them; jackpot for me!


As I had decided, that I want to have golden details in my new home, it was clear the tables would need a little transformation. The tables were luckily in a nice conditions, and did not need too much work. I washed the tables, used little sandpaper and then sprayed two layers of paint.


I ended up using two different paints, which was not my original plan. The paint I originally bought ended up being little wrong shade, so I went to buy another color for the final layer. A good solutions in the end, as two layers is not only covering better the original shade, but is also more durable. Just remember to have long enough drying time between the two layers.



Here you can see the difference between the two layers (sorry for the super bad photo). The first paint gave the tables more bronze tone and was matte. The second paint I used was more shiny and the end result more the tone I was hoping for. Especially in the photos with the crazy chicken candle holders it is easy to see, that the end result fits perfectly to other golden details I have. I ended up also using the same painting method to one other DIY project, but let´s talk about that some other time!





How do you like the end result?




Green and gold

Finally I have few details to share from my new home. It is starting to look more and more “ready” (can interior ever be ready btw?) and everything seems to find right place. I still have few things I have not found, and around million DIY projects going on, but I decided that I want to share few detail anyway. Like I told before here, my previous homes have been very different than this one, and gold has never been my color. So I have absolutely no idea how I ended up decorating with golden details this apartment, but I could not be happier about my decision.

I have tried to add golden details in small amounts to here and there, and one of the first things I bought was the golden basket from House Doctor you see in the photo above. I think I have to make a separated post about the brand, as they have so many beautiful things available. The white pineapple is a gift from a friend, and from H&M home collection. Some of you might remember my crazy addiction towards pineapples in home decor in my old blog, and I am happy I finally have one!


I absolutely love hat boxes, and storage in them so many things. I like the round shapes, and they give so much prettier look than normal boxes. This one I found from Stockmann, it is from Bigso box of Sweden. I am currently using this one for all gloves and hats, but I have few more full of candles, office assessors and other small things.


I actually asked only for one Christmas gift last year, a new carpet, and got it from my family. This is probably nothing new for most of you, as similar style has been dominating the interior blogs and magazines for a quite long time already. One could even say this is so last season, BUT I do not care! It was what I wanted, and I think it fits nicely to my home. This one is from Ellos, and called Zagora. I wanted this one as it is allergy friendly, so for my asthma it is perfect. For the summer I am hoping to fins something little lighter!


These crazy candle holders are for sure my favorite thing in my home, and I will be telling more about them later in separate post. They are too cool not to have their own moment, haha!


Addition to gold and gray, I have been trying to add a hint of blush pink. I made all the pillow covers myself, and found the pink fabric super cheap from sales.  I am just thinking now if I should get rid of the gray velvet ones, and add something lighter instead, what you think?


And then there is the green! Well I have super small studio apartment, and currently six, yes SIX plants. Haha, I am allergic to animals so I am making my self a crazy plant lady. But seriously talking, I think everyone should have plants in their home. They are so good for the air, and gives fresh and clean feeling. I also like the contrast with gray and white, just perfect combination. But you need to take good care about your plants, so I am writing a post about that as soon I have time to edit the photos for that story.


I had a talk about the amount of candle holders a girl needs. Well my friend Miss. V and I believe the amount is a lot! I am the kind of girl who had a huge box full of candle holder when unpacking all my things. Yeas, a full box, and I am not even shamed of it. The ones in the picture are my favorites, and I am using them almost every evening. Just imagine the amount of candles I use..I know! The glass ones are called Iittala kivi, a true classic from Finland,  and the other ones are from Granit.


So how do you like my green and gold details so far? After taking these photos a lot has changed already actually, and I can´t wait to be home in the day time the upcoming weekend, so I can make some new photos. And hey if there is something you would especially see/read about my home please let me know!

Have a nice evening,


January where did you go?

Hi there, where did January go? I just realized few days a go, that it is already February and I have not been writing anything almost in a month. What a sad situation! The truth is, that January was crazy as after 5 months in the Netherlands, I went back to work and continued my studies in Finland. Plus I did move to my new home, and I was trying to see as many friends as possible. Top of all this, my computer started to act out and it was nearly impossible to edit any photos example.And to be honest, it has not been really easy to get used to life in Finland again. So there has been a lot going on, but here I am, still alive!


Today I have been editing photos like crazy and writing down topics for all the posts I want to write, so I hope I can start posting more frequently again. But before I share any new stories about all the amazing things happening lately in life, I want to sum up just a little the past month and tell what kind of stories you can expect to read in the upcoming days. And the winter photo above, that is from my moving day morning. It was a perfect day!


DIY projects will return big time!! I have already done some projects, like the coffee tables you see in the photo, and so many is still in the making. I was like a child in the candy shop, when after several months I opened my graft material boxes again. I have been painting, fixing, sewing and and.. stay tuned!


As a new years resolution I decided, that this year I will try something new in Helsinki every week. I will be posting everything related to that under 52 weeks in Helsinki -tag, and sharing all my tips with you throughout the year. HAM (Helsinki art museum) was something I experienced first time few weeks a go, and I have to say, that I enjoyed extremely lot Yayoi Kusama exhibition.


Just like last January, also this year I visited the Nordic travel fair. To be honest, Matka 2017 was somehow a huge disappointment to me. There was not too much new things when compared to last year, and many companies were using the same visuals. Only few new innovations were presented, and I really did not feel highly inspired when I left the fair.


Home and interior have been for sure the keywords every since I moved to my new home. I absolutely love the apartment, and could not be happier how it starts to look. I really feel I finally have a home, and it is nice to have all my things after few years of temporary solutions. More home related post coming soon, and meantime don´t forget to check my Instagram, as I am posting details of my home there.


I cannot not mention tulips when I am talking about January! I absolute love fresh flowers, and tulips are a must when it comes to flowers in winter/spring. I have had already several different colors, but these blush pinks have been so far my favorites.


The past days have been amazing when it comes to weather; so much sun and nicely cold. But only few weeks a go it was totally different; gray and rainy! So on the last Saturday of January I escaped the bad weather to the beautiful Winter gardens, and for those few hours it almost felt like I am not in Finland. More about that amazing place coming later!


In the beginning of January we had LUX light festival in Helsinki, and it was first time I have managed to be actually in Helsinki when it is happening. I don´t know why, but somehow I always end up being abroad or somewhere else during LUX. I am happy this year I could walk there from my home, wonder and be amazed by all the installations around the city. The one in the photo was one of my favorites!


Other than the things above, in January I went to few other museums, visited surprisingly many cafes (old favorites and new ones), got myself amazing internship position for the spring, spend a lot time with my friends, tested new recipes, took way too many photos again, find super nice things from the sales, started really cool school projects and and and..so the year has definitely started good for me. I hope for you also!