Rainy afternoon in Luxembourg


Finally the past days I have had time to start going through the photos I took during the autumn holiday we did with Lady A last month – there is almost 900 photos once again! So you can imagine it takes quite a lot time to go through them all, then edit the ones I want to use and last, but not least write stories around the photos. I hate when I cannot publish in real time the stories (or even in few days), I really need to start to think solutions to this. But better late than never, so I hope you are ready to some stories from Luxembourg and Antwerp the upcoming weeks. And as today is rainy day, I will start the stories from the rainy afternoon we spend in Luxembourg wondering around contemporary art museum MUDAM.



MUDAM was in so many ways a positive surprise. The building itself is interesting, as the architecture brings together modern elements in a environment which breaths nature and history. The way the different parts of the museum were used for the ongoing exhibition was creative (you will find surprising solutions) and same time it did not feel like the museum was crammed with art, even though there was so much to see. And as the different rooms are so spacious, it gives a perfect opportunity to show massive installations. The museums is in a walking distance from the historical center of Luxembourg, and definitely a must do thing if you like contemporary arts.




Delf – gas Cannisters



I had not done any research about the ongoing exhibition, so I basically had no expectations when we entered to the museum. Outside of the museum there was a huge advertisement about the Wim Delvoye exhibition, but to be honest, it did not look appealing at all. So we decided to go in for a quick look and then decide if enter or not – luckily we did! For the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the museum, Mudam invited Belgium artist Wim Delvoye to present his wide work from his 25 years of artistic production. Interestingly he also marked the museums opening 10 years a go, and has a strong relationship to Luxembourg. The exhibition is open till 8. of January 2017, and is accompanied by work of Cristina Lucas till 14. of May 2017.



I had not heard about Wim Delvoye before, and I have to say I think I will never forget his work. His work is so shameless and you are not sure if you should be looking away or stare. The topics are all appealing, and the amount of different techniques he uses is incredible. How can one master drawing, sculptures, photography, movies, painting and so many other interesting techniques? His work brings together art, popular culture, contemporary, old, new and everything between. And I felt that more you look the work he has done, read the description and then look again the work, more you see how deep the works actually go. Many times the work of Delvoye turns useful everyday objects into something that is carrying totally different value as a pieces of art. Delvoye describes his own approach to art as “local” and “global” so “glocal”.


Art Farm





MUDAM2016 (29 of 56).jpg


The Tyres of Delvoye are a play between craft and industry. Industry is aspiring to serial production with standardized products, craftsmanship creates uniqueness. Interestingly the artist had the tires made in China, so that the value of work can be discussed. These kind of  deeper ideologies, interesting materials and creating contrast can be see in many of his works. Just what I like in art – something deeper!



Stained Glass window







The cafeteria in the museum was breathtakingly beautiful! I got a little Scandinavian wibe from it, and it surely was beautiful place to drink you coffee. But after all morning traveling, and eating not too much, this was surely not the best place to have your afternoon brake foodwise. There is not too much selection and prices are ridiculous.


Cristina Lucas, Clockwise, installation, 360 CLOCKS, 2016.


Before entering the clockwise installation, you have to or take your shoes off, or use covers. The room is totally white, and you can definitely hear those 360 clocks. We kept wondering what if one starts to run out of battery, hahah!


A museum is a perfect entertainment on rainy days, and Modun definitely was a good one. Are you familiar with the work of Wim Delvoye?



Details of this museum adventure

Wim Delvoye exhibiton 
Mudam Luxembourg / 3, Park Dräi Eechelen, L-1499 Luxembourg

Open until 8 of January 2017


Unrealistically realistic – Ron Mueck

Few weeks a go I went to visit a dear friend in Tampere, and used the opportunity to Finally visit the much talked Ron Mueck exhibition. It was as unrealistically realistic as I expected. For those who do not know, Ron Mueck is Australian born hyperrealist sculptor based now in London. The exhibition is Mueck`s firs one in the Nordic countries and presents ten sculptures, a series of photographs depicting the artist at work and Gautier Deblonde’s film ‘Still Life: Ron Mueck at Work’.

ronmoeck2016 (1 of 12)

Couple under an Umbrella (2013)

ronmoeck2016 (2 of 12)

The exhibition has got a lot media attention and it is easy to understand why after visiting it. The work is unbelievable as each work has even the smallest details on them. Example in the work Girl (2006) it looked like the blood is still wet and fresh. Scary! And I felt that the work he does is not only about realistic looking art – each work gave me something more deeper to think about. It was also nice to see how differently me and my friend saw the works, and which details we spotted.

ronmoeck2016 (3 of 12)

Mother and Child (2002)

Example Mother and Child (2002) was yeas, highly realistic but same time I kept thinking why the mother was looking the way she was, and  why she was not holding the new born child? Similarly in the work Youth (2009) the first question was related to the skin color of the boy. Why it feels so stereotypical for me to present a young boy with a stab wound kind of injury on a black boy? Why it was not example a young white girl? Or is that also the point, to make you think deeper?

ronmoeck2016 (4 of 12)

ronmoeck2016 (5 of 12)

A Girl (2006)

ronmoeck2016 (6 of 12)

Youth (2009)

ronmoeck2016 (7 of 12)

Woman with Shopping (2013)

Woman with Shopping (2013) was one of my favorites as somehow it awakened many thoughts in my head. I am a person surrounded more and more friends with babies, as it is starting to be that age for us. And somehow I kept wondering long after seeing the work, how the mothers life is with baby and everything else you have to take care in the life.

ronmoeck2016 (9 of 12)

Mask II (2001-2)

ronmoeck2016 (10 of 12)

More works we saw more we kept thinking how they are made, how do they feel and which material is used for them. Luckily the museum has a material example, video showing the artist working and photos, as well as books explaining more Mueck`s work. Definitely nice addition to the exhibition, as these are not works you can see often.

ronmoeck2016 (11 of 12)

ronmoeck2016 (12 of 12)

Have you seen Ron Mueck exhibition in Tampere or somewhere else? How did you like it?



Details of this museum adventure

Ron Mueck exhibiton 
Sara Hildén art museum / Laiturikatu 13, Tampere, Finland

Open until 16 of October 2016

Broken relationships

museumsofbrokenrelationships (12 of 23)

In the beginning of this year I experienced heart braking brake up. The man who I though is the love of my life turned out to be everything else than the man I though he was. The brake up was not clean and easy, it was heavy, long and hurtful. It was one of the most painful things in my life, and I never expected things to go the way they did. Now our story is nothing more than a broken relationship and a collection of memories which I hope would not exists. That is how badly I got hurt. But now, half a year later, I am happy it went that way, and life has been to me very amazing.

Because I feel I am finally long way in the better side of the brake up, earlier this week I finally felt that I was ready to visit Museum of Broken relationships. It may sound strange to you, but for someone who has “fresh” broken relationship, it is not easy to go and experience this exhibition, and read all the heart braking stories. I am happy I went there, made me feel I am not alone here with this experience. And somehow I also felt after the visit that things could have gone even more bad, so I am in the end little lucky I guess.

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Museum of broken relationship is internationally toured exhibition build around failed relationships and donated personal belongings from those broken relationships. The permanent exhibition of Museum of Broken Relationships is in Zagreb Croatia and was conceptualized by Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić in 2010. The exhibition has travelled around the world and first time arrived to Scandinavia this may, when Helsinki city museum opened the exhibition. You can etrance the museum for free, all the stories are also in English and the exhibition is here until 11.09.16, so you still have time to make a visit.

museumsofbrokenrelationships (1 of 23)

The museum has more than 80 stories to tell about broken relationships, and each story is in its own way so beautiful. It gives so much to think and you learn in a short time how each relationship in this world is unique. And it is not only about stories from traditional “girlfriend-boyfriend” relationships, but also example broken relationships between family members, and endings because of death. There are so many different kind of relationships in this world, and each of them is a story. Small or big. When you enter to the museum you can borrow the book, read all the stories and then in the end you can decide if you want to leave the stories there, or take them with you with 5€. I left them there, as I think it is where they should be. Among people who needs to know these stories.

museumsofbrokenrelationships (2 of 23)

The belongings in the museum vary from wedding dress to poster, and everything between. It is amazing to realize how each relationship has something that reminds the people in it about something so special, that nobody else can understand. And it is part of the magic of relationships I think, to have something only you two can understand. There was so many stories send to the museum that they could not take all of them to the exhibition, so you can read more stories from internet and also send your story there.

museumsofbrokenrelationships (3 of 23)

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museumsofbrokenrelationships (6 of 23)

museumsofbrokenrelationships (7 of 23)museumsofbrokenrelationships (8 of 23)

This film canister and the story behind it was one of the most heard braking to me. The story is so beautiful, so sad..if you have no time for all the stories in the museum, just go and read at least this one.

museumsofbrokenrelationships (9 of 23)

Not all the stories are presented same way and like said, all belongings are different. This painting and the story was presented nicely, don`t miss it, it is not easy to spot.

museumsofbrokenrelationships (10 of 23)

A spectrum of a star – this story was so beautiful because it shows once again how thoughtful people are when in love.

museumsofbrokenrelationships (11 of 23)

The museum does not have a traditional visitors` book – they have a book where you can write your brake up story. I almost felt to sit down, write and leave my brake up there. I was afraid to cry, would have needed a friend to sit next to me.

museumsofbrokenrelationships (23 of 23)

museumsofbrokenrelationships (13 of 23)

City museum of Helsinki is beautiful, and I spotted so many nice details. Spend little time just wandering and watching. There is interesting design and interior choices. A lot details I could copy to my next home. And for sure a lot for children to do, so family friendly museum.

museumsofbrokenrelationships (14 of 23)

museumsofbrokenrelationships (15 of 23)

museumsofbrokenrelationships (17 of 23)

museumsofbrokenrelationships (19 of 23)

I especially loved the colors and material choices in the museum – a lot soft tones and amazing color combinations.

museumsofbrokenrelationships (20 of 23)

museumsofbrokenrelationships (21 of 23)

museumsofbrokenrelationships (22 of 23)

Today it is chilly, cloudy and little rainy, a perfect day for a museum visit maybe?





Details of this travel tip

Museum of broken relationships 
City museum Helsinki / Helsingin kaupunginmuseo  (Aleksanterinkatu 16)
Mon – Fri 11:00 – 19:00, Sat – Sun 11:00 – 17.00