TBT: Road trip in Sicily – map

The past weeks I have been taking you around Sicily and now it is time to make a little summary about our Road trip. You can find all the road trip post easily under the road trip tag. Sicily is a nice place to go around with a car and I hope someone gets inspiration for their upcoming summer trip from this post. You can easily do more cities if you have time – we saw five places in three days which was just enough for us that time. And there is also nice places in the other side of the island if you are staying example in Palermo so maybe I could do something similar for that part of the island later. But now, lets see how the trip looked!

Metropolis (1).jpg

As you can see from the map I have market all the cities in the order we visited them. We started from Menfi (0 in the map) early Saturday morning and drove first to Ragusa (1). From there we continued the same day to Noto (2) and ended our day in Catania (3). The next morning we had our trip to Etna and from there we drove to Taormina (4) where we spend rest of the day. We drove from Taormina to Francavilla di Sicilia for one night and then visited in the morning Gole dell`Alcantara. From there we started our way back home and we actually had a short stop in Sicilia Outlet Village. The Outlet village is 40 minutes away from Catania with car and 70 minutes from Palermo. I made few super nice founds from there so I highly recommend this place and it looks so nice, just like a small village.

So here it is, our road trip in Sicily. I hope you have enjoyed the trip with me the past weeks and got some inspiration also. I would be happy to know if you end up doing a trip like this someday, so let me know and I am happy to answer any questions regarding trip like this.




TBT: Road trip in Sicily – Ragusa


I think for many it is starting to be the time when you plan the upcoming summer holidays. Well at least here in Finland we have to let the companies know quit early when we want to have our holidays (me by this Sunday), which is actually quit nice as then you can start planning your trips also early. So as I know many would love to travel to the amazing Italy and mysterious Sicily in their holidays, in the upcoming weeks I will be doing TBT posts about our road trip in Sicily last summer. It was three day trip with a car and we ended up visiting five amazing places. I will go trough all the five places and in the end give you a clear map to understand better what we did. And actually one of the places we visited you saw already earlier in the Dream came true -post where I was telling about our mount Etna experience. But now, let the trip begin!

noto (5 of 25)

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We started our trip from Menfi (about 1 hour from Palermo) early Saturday morning last August and had quit a long ride (3-4 hours) to our first destination in the other side of Sicily. There are not too many roads from one side of the island to the other, and sometimes you have to make quit a round to get where you are going. It is not like in many other places, straight and perfect streets all the way. But there is history and nature to see, so I did not mind to spend little extra in the car to get where we were going. And trust me when I say, there are some crazy road in the way, so drive slowly!

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We had a hotel reservation in Catania, as the next day we were planning to hick in mount Etna, so we had planned to visit three places in the first day as they were nicely on the road to Catania. But as you know, sometimes you end up spending more time on one place and don`t want to hurry once you are in a holiday, in the end we did visit only two cities before Catania.

The first one was Ragusa, a small baroque styled city which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sicily. It is nice place to make a small brake during your drive, you can go walking for few hours in the small streets of the “new city”, eat good food in local trattoria and then go to see the “old city” Ragusa Ibla.

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During our walk in the city we stopped by in the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista where at that day were a lot sisters apparently giving their vows. I am not totally sure about the purpose of the ceremony that time in the church, but for sure it was funny when something I feel old and traditional was complemented with numerous photos taken with their smartphones and pads. But anyway, the cathedral is amazing as most of them in Sicily are.

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And then from the new city, which was build in the 18th century, you should definitely go to see the “old city” Ragusa Ibla which was rebuild after the original city was destroyed in 1697 earthquake. The landscape is breath taking and you cannot really understand from photos how amazing the place is. As we had to go on with our trip we did not have time go to walk around the old city, but I recommend it to you if you just have the extra few hours to spend. And next time I will for sure go to see the old city more close as I want to see it all from the top.

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From Ragusa we continued our trip to the baroque city Noto, which I will be showing you next week. So stay tuned,