This year I decided to skip Easter – meaning I am not visiting my family or friends, just work and school projects all weekend. It may sound somehow sad but it is just what I need now, few extra days to finish school stuff so I can fully enjoy rest of the spring stress free. But I know most of the people are celebrating some way this holiday and as I know many of you are having brunch or two this weekend, I wanted to share few brunch photos from Easter few years a go. It is long time ago we had the brunch in these pictures, but still the menu looks good and is something I could redo any day.  I hope you get idea or two from this, and you have a delicious Easter!

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Banana pancakes works always and is so super easy to do. And they also work for strict diets as this is gluten and dairy free. You need for 8 pancakes 1 banana, 1 egg , 0,5 dl dark whole grain rice flour and a pinch of cinnamon and vanilla. Mix all ingredients and fry few minutes from both sides. I use coconut oil when frying pancakes but you can use also butter.

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Add in a class home made granola, natural yogurt and mango puree. Fresh and simple!


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Fresh fruits are a must in a brunch, just remember to buy the fruits early enough so they are ready. Nobody wants to eat raw melon and passion fruit.

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I remember I baked the bread and the croissants for the brunch myself, but if you feel lazy just get some ready ones and warm them up in the oven so they feel fresh. Also toasts would work well in a brunch as well as banana bread. The croissants I had filled with cheese and Nutella before baking them in the oven and for the bread we had different toppings so everyone could choose their favorites.

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I had normal eggs which I dyed with onion skins, but also  quail eggs work perfect in a Easter brunch. Just remember to tell everyone if the eggs are 5 or 7 minute eggs so nobody gets a messy surprise!

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We had all kind of different toppings for the pancakes, such as berries, coconut flakes and maple syrup.

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You can see little from the corner of the picture the oven baked eggs in muffin cups. I filled the cups with different ingredients such as cheese, ham and veggies and then added the egg in the top with little salt and pepper. Bake in the oven until the eggs look ready and enjoy straight from the cup with a spoon. Now I would probably skip these and make something similar from avocado and eggs in the oven.

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I had baked cantuccini biscuits the day before (recipe coming later also here) and they worked so good together with fresh coffee. We served espresso, but as I have milk frother we did cappuccinos also.  And of course we had some juice and sparkling wine as brunch with out booze is just a sad late breakfast!

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And there is no Easter brunch with out chocolate eggs! I spread these beautiful small chocolate eggs all around the table and trust me, they we all gone by the end of the brunch.

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Enjoy the holidays,



Raw buckwheat porridge to go


Porridge must be one of the most known Finnish breakfast. We eat it through our lives and the warm porridge in the cold winter morning is definitely comforting. But sometimes there is not enough time to stay in the kitchen cooking and enjoying the porridge so it is nice to have healthy alternative you can take with you. I have been making this raw buckwheat porridge already some years now as it is so simple to make and super easy to take with you in a nice class jar. There is no ingredients that go easily bad so you can have it with you or you can make a bigger amount ready for the fridge as it stays good 3-4 days. And there is endless amount of variations of this porridge as you can use your favorite fruits if you don`t like pears and always add different toppings. Have you already tried raw porridge?

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Raw buckwheat pear porridge

Serves 2


2 dl hulled buckwheat groats

1 dl almonds

2 pears cored

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp cardamom

2 tbs water

+ for topping example berries, chia seeds, cacao nibs, kiwi, different seeds, coconut flakes, nut butter


PLACE the buckwheat groats and almonds in separate bowls and cover with water

SOAK overnight

RINSE and drain

MIX all ingredients in a blender, add more water if needed.

PLACE porridge in two class jars and add your favorite toppings

TAKE the jar with you and enjoy healthy breakfast / snack where ever you are

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I hope you enjoy this easy recipe. I would love to hear some comments as it would help me to make better recipe posts in the future for you, my lovely readers.


Lazy day chai latte

lazy day

The past days here in Finland have been so wet, gray and cold that I have been seriously considering next available flight to somewhere warm and sunny. But as the reality is full of work and school, I needed to find more fast way to warm up. Even though tea is always a good idea with woolen socks (made by my grandmother of course) when I want to get warm fast, I have been graving something little more spicy. I suddenly remembered the best chai latte recipe I have ever tested from the amazing Torkkuja ja Nokkosia Blog, but felt too lazy to start making my own mix and boiling it up. So I ended up creating lazy day chai latte with chai tea and soy milk.

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The secret behind a good chai latte is the fantastic mix of cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, star anise, ginger and black tea mixed with steamed milk. Definitely never use (or order) those made from cheap and over sweet syrup as that is nothing like the real thing. So if you are feeling lazy like me, do the second best thing and make your chai latte from ready tea mix. I used this time green Indian chai tea I had home already. It has nice and soft taste with enough spiciness to make you feel warm. And the green tea is actually nice alternative for the classical black tea based mix; somehow same time fresh and spicy.

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  • 1/4 chai tea
  • 3/4 soy milk
  • cinnamon


INFUSE the chai tea. As I like the strong taste of chai I used press pot for make the tea, but you can choose how strong taste you want to have by making the tea more or less strong.

WARM UP up your soy milk (or any other milk you like to use) and steam it.

POUR your tea in a nice cup (1/4 parts) and then fill rest of the cup with the hot steamed milk (3/4 parts).

COMPLETE your chai latte by powdering cinnamon to the top.

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Let`s get warmed up,