One can never have too many flowers

One very ordinary thing I love in life, is cleaning home just before the weekend, and buying fresh flowers to that clean home. Flowers are easy and, not that expensive way to give that little something to your home. I have been dreaming of having that one special flower shop, where I could go and be sure, that I get not only quality flowers, but also good service. Unfortunately I have been moving so much, that this dream has stayed as a dream for a long time. But as I am now staying more permanently in Helsinki, it was time to start looking for that “special one”.


I live quite close to the city center, and only few minutes walk away from my home there is old market hall Hakaniemen halli, and market square Hakaniemen tori. Earlier this week I was walking home, and took a shortcut across the square, which ended up being one of the best decisions this week. There was a flower stand full of beautiful flowers, and for a moment, it felt like I was in Breda again, and shopping in the market square. The man who owns the stand was super helpful, happy to share tips and helped me to choose the best flowers for my need. And the best part? Well, the prices were so much lower than in flower shops (I paid 15€ for all the flowers in these photos), and they had also flowers produced in Finland.



I think it is important to support small local businesses, and producers. I was so happy to find this flower stand, and get extremely good service. The owner told me they are working year around, and would happily order any seasonal flowers I would need in the future. For sure only after one visit I can tell, that I have found “the special one”, and I will be recommending him to all my friends in the area. I have been so happy every day now watching these beautiful flowers, and can´t wait to go flower shopping again.

There is no such thing as too many flowers right?



Have a lovely weekend!




DIY Valentines day card

valentinesdayCard (1 of 13)

Last week I was collecting some inspiration for Valentines day cards, and especially for cards more suitable for friends than lovers. It made me wonder how different all the relationships in life are and I realized there is no reason why hearts should not be send to your friends. So I ended up using huge amount of hearts and could not be happier about my choice.

valentinesdayCard (5 of 13)

For the cards I used heart shaped cutter which I bought some years a go when I needed to make four wedding cards in one summer. You can see the style of the Wedding card from my old blog and more detailed pictures of the making process of these lovely hearts. For these cards I ended up using 9 different colors for the hearts, all bright and lovely colors perfect for the theme.

valentinesdayCard (7 of 13)

As you can see from here I did not glue the hearts to the cards but I used two sided 3D- stickers which gives this flow effect. I like to use them as they give much more structure even to the most simple elements, like these hears.

valentinesdayCard (8 of 13)

I used stamps for the cover text and wrote in Finnish “Ystävälle” which means “To a friend”. I wanted to keep it simple but I felt the car would have been too bold without any text. And for the inside I ended up writing something with black pen, even though I had first planned to stamp the inside text also. But you know, sometimes you just feel too lazy to stamp letter by letter long texts so..:)

valentinesdayCard (10 of 13)

valentinesdayCard (12 of 13)

valentinesdayCard (13 of 13)

I hope you will use the opportunity and send someone special a card to remind them how important they are to you. In Finland the cards must be send latest 10th of February if you want the card to arrive before V- day. Have a lovely new week,